Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Writing Prompt Day 3: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Today, I am being asked by BlogHer to tell them about my writing space.   Before I go into where I write, I want to talk about writing space in general.  This is what I love about writing.   Finding a space to write is so non-constricted.  You can take an old beat-up typewriter or computer and find a space for a desk and write there, to cuddling up in a chair with just a pen and piece of paper and start writing.  In fact, I am coming up with some challenges for the first of 2014 (January) for people to do, and one of the challenges is to write out of your comfort zone.   Well, enough of that, and there will be more details later.
Where do I write my blog posts?
I write my blog posts at a desk in the corner of my office/dining room.  My home has technically 10 rooms:  kitchen, dining room, living room, and half bath downstairs; master bed, master bath, and second bed for upstairs.  The 9th room is the garage (yes, they have now declared the garage as a room for your car, spooky).   There is a 10th room, and it is my patio (the decorating experts declared that as a room too).  I have turn my split my dining room in 3:  dining room/office/downstairs craft room, and I have split my second bedroom into a bedroom/upstairs craft room.  The half bathroom houses my washer and dryer.   My computer is in the corner of the dining/office/craft room combo, and I pen my posts there.
Later, I will tell you how I pen my posts.  For today, I decided to behave, and just write about the writing space.  So comment below:  If you blog (or write at all), where you write?

Be blessed, my friend.

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