Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day Whatever: people going mad over a box of twinkies

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First of all, I fell off the wagon.  I am not following the 30 day blog challenge, and that is OK.  I had things I needed to take care.  Phew, now that is off my chest, on to more important

BREAKING NEWS...After 82 years in business, Hostess is going out of business.  I thought that as I am taking my last breath, Hostess would be standing strong with a box of Twinkies and Ho-Hos in each hand.  Now I know that there is a change that McDonald's will be going out of business in the near future.   It is sad when something like a baker's strike ruins a company.  What do these people want to do, raise more dough?  (I know bad joke, I will move on from there, and promise not to crack another baker joke).
I am torn for a lot of reasons, I will name two of them:  I grew up on this stuff.  This is what went in my lunchbox from Kindergarten to 8th grade for my dessert.  Maybe not every day, but these foods got a lot of air time in my lunchboxes (I had a Roadrunner, a Partridge Family, and I think the last one was a Brady Bunch lunchbox).  Sorry McD's but if I had to choice between your apple pie and theirs, Hostess would win.
So after hearing about this news, I called mom, and said that we have to make a Hostess run.  I still do not have my Twinkies, and I might be out of luck.  I refuse to order them on Ebay, and I refuse to pay $100 for a box.  Really, people, I did not know you can sell food on Ebay.   When I was a Tastefully Simple Rep, I was told that Ebay did not except food.  Of course the last time I asked was 2006 and it was a month before I quit.
The second reason why I am torn is because it is a sad day when you feel sorry for a food and not for the people who made the food. (Jobs).  These people have to find jobs again.   Some people have been there long enough to draw retirement checks if they wanted to, but they would not make enough in pension checks and social security to live off of.  So to that end I say stop thinking about what you are going to do when they stop making them, and start thinking about what these people are going to do about jobs and pension checks.  Chances are you probably have not put a Twinkie, Ho-ho, donette, or pie in your mouth since you were a child, when the doctor told you to stop eating them, or when the spouse forbid them from coming in your home.
Look, I feel for you.  I like them too, and I wanted to get my last box of nostalgia in the making (something to tell the grands and great grands), but then I thought, "what am I really doing?"  Yes they are loaded with fat, and yes they are not good for you.  If I get to eat my last of anything from Hostess, it  is not going to make them re-open their doors if this strike keeps on going or if they stop striking.  I heard someone say on Twitter that this is all a publicity stunt, and the CEO is going to come on television today and say that they were making this stuff up.  Humm, I thought of that for a moment, which lead me to writing this post, and I do not think that is it.  They are closing, but they also might have a chance of re-opening someday.  A new Hostess.  It has happened before, somewhere on this Earth.  
Well you ponder that for a moment.  Make a comment or two about it below.  What do you make of this news?  Do you eat this stuff?  Let me know, K?  I will talk to you later.  In the meantime, be blessed everyday.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 6: My day, a day of learning and rejoicing

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Congrats, Mr. President on a 2nd term. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello, I am very happy about how my day ended up.  I got up, got dressed and I went a-polling, voting that is.  I choose the candidate who will make me sleep at night, knowing that when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I can do my job as a home-business owner, so that when I decide to move my business out of my home and/or gain employees, I feel like I can do it.  I chose Barack Obama.  I know I can hear the sneers out there, but hear me out.
I really do not know what the fuss is all about?  If you want a person to bail you out of a mess that the previous guy named Bush put us in the first place, then  if people are not 100% working, the economy is not where it should be, and they are doing the best they can to work with the people who were given to them, do not get mad when they win for a 2nd term.  Let's work together on this.  Now Mr. Obama has a chance to finally finish do what he came to do.  I really feel like that a term should be 8 years or somewhere in between.  The reason is clear....When a person works with a group who does not support them, it takes longer to implement what they set out to do.  Well, Mr. President, if you happen to find this pot, congrats on your win.  You deserve it.
Well after that, I learned about organizing for the holidays, well I was supposed to learn it.  I ran late for this workshop.  why?  I went to vote, then I went to the wrong building for the workshop.  People were looking at me strange and telling me they have never heard of the company I was looking for.   so I check the directory, and the company was not there, so I got in the car and drove to the next building.  I made it with 10 minute left in the meeting.  so I did a little networking, before leaving for the grocery store.
There is a store that I love to go grocery shopping in.  I am a Foodie, and when you are a foodie, you like nothing but the best, not something that is necessary the most expensive, but of good quality.  I get that in Market District.  It is owned by the Giant Eagle Company, but please do not call them Giant Eagle, even though Giant Eagle is the store labels.   I got $178 worth of groceries, and next month I am releasing another challenge on how to save on my grocery bills again.  When I first started the My Crafty Couponer Deals a few months ago, I was supposed to show how to save money.  Well, I am getting ready to merge it with my Simple Organized Crafts Blog, and I celebrating by doing this challenge.
So I am getting sleep, this is the end of the road for a few hours.   Nighty night.
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5: I feel like dancing...

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Do you watch Dancing with the Stars?  I have been a fan since season 1, but I am having a little trouble with this season, which features celebs who have been on there before.  I feel like if they have been on there before, why do they need to be on there again?  Anyway, despite how I feel about the overall concept, this has been a very enjoyable season, so far.  One of the stars I wanted to stay on top is gone, and that person was Sabrina Bryant.  I was sure that she would last past last week, but nope.  The one who I wanted to go was Kirstie Alley.  I do not know, I kind of pictured her as a Cloris Leachman  type of a dancer, but she is better than I thought she was.  One person who has been very entertaining is Gymnast Shawn Johnson.  I do have concerns.   On day one, they had concerns about Shawn dancing, because of a knee problem that forced her to withdraw from competing in the Olympics back in the summer and to retired from the sport that made her famous.  she told Tom that she had been cleared to dance, but no stunts.  Well about 3 dances in, she did her first stunt, then her second, and her third.   I thought, well the doctors cleared her for stunts.  Well two weeks ago, when she was playing around with Sabrina, Shawn re-injured her knee.  
I am still not familiar with Gilles, the actor.  Apollo Ono is easy on the eyes, especially since tonight he took his shirt off.  Emmett Smith was the only African American invited back, and I was upset about that.  I do not follow football much, so I do not know what team he plays or played on.  I just know that the Ohio State Buckeyes is my favorite team in College football, the Steelers for NFL, and the high school I graduated from, The Independence 76ers is my favorite high school team.  I do not know why they did not have a more diverse group of stars for the all-star team.  What happened to Mel B, Toni Braxton, or anyone else of color?  Why were they not asked back?
Well despite my feelings about this season's DWTS cast, it is a popularity contest,  people have their favorites, and it is not about how well a dance was executed.   It is about how long you want your favorites to stay on.  So who would you like to see in the next lineup for DWTS?  Place your comments below.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 4: Be at peace with yourself and with God

Early Saturday morning I was very upset.  I thought that the problem that I had this past week was solved, but it wasn't.  I am not going to dwell on what happened, that is not the point.  The point I am going to touch on briefly is what happened next.  As I stared this problem on my computer screen, I started blaming.  I blamed people may have been involved, without even point specific fingers at any one individual.  I started blaming myself for the situation, and I could not go to bed.   Have you ever been in that type of situation?   Of all things, I brought it up on Facebook of all places, then I cried for a half an hour.  Now I feel like I a heel.  It was only a few hours I thought of this post.  I kept hearing, "be at peace with yourself, just correct the situation, and move one from there."
That is exactly what I am trying to do right now, but I also asked for forgiveness from God, because yes, He was named in the situation.  I asked for that forgiveness, and help me get to the point of me again.  So Monday evening, I need to make some phone calls, and write an email of apology for my actions, which in a way was not my fault.   But I am not going to name names because Of policy.
So what to do if you are in this type of situation.  simple?

  • If you believe,pray.  I am not going to sugar coat it if you are an atheist, I am speaking to believers.  ask for forgiveness from God.  Ask for help in the situation.   
  • Do not post to Facebook, Twitter, or any social media, UNLESS it will help someone.   You do not have to mention the situation like I doing now.  If you have a diary, write it there if you have to.  Otherwise forget about it.
  • Ask for solutions to the problem.  You can post that, and who knows, God may send an angel to your rescue.  
  • Finally find so way to help you relax for a few hours.  I finally went to sleep, looked at my emails, and me and mom went to 2 malls.   I feel better, but the problem is still there until Monday evening, because it is the weekend.

I hope this helps you, and be blessed.

Day 3: Blessed quietness

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It is quiet now.  The only thing that is making a noise is me tapping on the keys of this keyboard, and me signing every once in a while.  Yes, I know it is a constant sound that I hear since I am single, but even single people have noises to deal with.   Here are my noises through the day:

All of my neighbors smoke and I am the only one of the 4-condo complex who does not.  I have one neighbor who goes outside, sits in her chair and studies.  She is a college student and is studying to be a nurse or some sort of a health assistant.  I hear her on the phone and can tell when she is outside, because the smoke travels from the garage to my back door and through my kitchen.  Who says that smoke does not travel.
Another neighbor has dogs, and when they hear something, they bark.  They now can tell the difference between me getting into my car, and other noises.  It is a great deterrent if I am in here, and I hear them barking.  That means someone is coming and it better be my parents.
My phone, especially now, because they want to make sure that I go vote early.  I decided not to, because I have a wonderful place across the street that I can go vote at Tuesday.  very few people will show up there because it is at the clubhouse in an apartment complex.  I go there during the day (hooray for self employment), and I am gone by the time people who work outside of the home get there to vote.  Sometimes it is my sister, who has no car, but wants me to take her someplace, so I go there to pick her and her two kids up and we go to where  she need to go (not this Monday though).
The television is another noise.  I have shut it off for the morning.
All of this means I can think without interruption.  Now I feel I must get interrupted one more time.  I am starting to yawn, my bottom hurts from sitting, and I have the need to sit on the porcelain throne.  I will talk to you later.
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2- What is your hobby?

Often worry about people younger than me.  The reason is there are so many shootings lately, and I just have to wonder why?
My spirit has to say that it is Satan and all of his dealings.   going along with that has to be the sign of the times when Christ comes back.  Both of them have to be very good reasons.  After all it says that in the Book of Revelations.   Now without getting preachy as they say, let me turn to my non-believers who happen to see this post.
I do not think people younger than me have anything to do.  I take that back.. They have plenty to do, they are just doing the wrong things.  Television is getting to boring.  I should know.  Mine is sitting behind me in the off position.  There is way too much violence on television, and too many of the same type of programming on as well.
I am going back a minute to my title, what is your hobby, and I am going for good reason.   I scrapbook, make cards, and do alternative things such as journals, books, and boxes.  They occupy my time to the point where I do not have the time nor the energy to get into things that allow me to be out in the street.  My parents taught me that.  Before that, I used to knit, crochet, needlepoint, make candles, and weave.  Oh boy, I can hear the pioneer jokes already, LOL.  when I was younger, I took piano and organ music lessons; I also took ballet, jazz, and tap dance lessons.  No this was not my mother's wishful thinking because she could not take them, I wanted to do them.  Believe me, it was a better system than being out in the street all day with nothing to do.
Before moving to the city I currently lived in since 1977, I lived at McGuire AFB, NJ.  Yes, the very same base that was hit by Hurricane Sandy this week.  My father was Master sergeant there.  I was 12 when we moved, and I could not have been any happier.  T o me, it was boring, so I occupied my time as a dancer, musician, and in Girl Scouts and church choir when I was not in school.
So do kids today have it any easier?  no, they do not.  They are more frustrated and more stress is placed on them.  you never know what goes on in their world.  Just do something, young people.

I am not sure what happened... my personal week in review

I originally had a blog post talking about my day, and I may redo it at some point, but it mystically disappeared from my posts.  This was the first time it happened, and I hope it was the last.  I had one person post it as a +1 on Google plus.  I had gotten finished with the third part of it, and I could not find part 2.   Strange.  But I do know one thing, If this keeps up, me and Blogger may have to part ways with this blog too.   There are so many things I want to talk about and do, and I cannot have anything like this happen again.


There comes a time in one's life when you have to re-evaluate some things.  One of them is finances.  Now, I am not one of those people who beg for funds, but I need an outlet, and two years ago, I started hearing about affiliates and how they can help your business grow.   I know I do not have a lot of traffic on my blogs, but every time I apply, I get approved for affiliates.   I would love it if someone who looks at my blogs also look at my affiliates to see if there is anything you would like to buy.  Just look, that all. After all, it is the holidays, and presents need to be gotten and bought.   Just one little look, and I promise I will not tell the person you bought it from where you got that perfect present.


Have you appreciated someone lately?   I did, I appreciate my pastor.  October was Pastor's appreciation month at my church.  Nothing big, the lay speakers took her and her family out to dinner Wednesday afternoon at Olive Garden.  I am not a lay speaker, but I am the daughter of one.  My mom is one, and this is the month that she is liturgist. we had fun.  My sister wrote on Facebook that no one told her about it.  Well she would known if she had been at church Sunday.  That just the breaks,lol.

Appointments... (oh my, I sense a pattern of words, all starting with app, LOL)

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday (before going to dinner), and she told me I was 10 pounds over my BMI (Body mass index).  Ok, this is the first time she has scolded me for doing so, so now, I have to watch what I eat.  I tell you, it is all of this self employment thing I am doing, LOL.  If I do not finish something that I want to finish, I will stay up all night (like I am now, LOL), and take care of it.  If I am hungry, I will eat.   I need to change my habit.  Anyway, I was sick as well, because I had a flu shot, and this is the first time I got sick from it.  I feel better now.

Last item, Young and The Restless...

Do you watch this?  I do...sadly.  I have been watching it since 1997, and I am hooked.  I have some thoughts on the subject:  They need to get rid of the following people; Victor (yes I know he makes the show, but come on now, does he have to to be so cold), Jack (the feud has to end), Adam (no comment), Sharon (a clepto and a Arsonist, good choice writers), Nick (Gold-digger, but I am glad he finally said no to his father), Nikki (no comment), and Kevin (never liked him).  I am not writing them off just yet, because this soap has new writers, so it will be interesting to see how each character is in the future.  For those who do watch and wondering why I did not mention Phyllis, well, she is a basket case, and interesting to watch.

What is your take on the subjects I wrote about? I am in this challenge to write something everyday for the next 30 days.  so what do you want me to cover during this challenge?   I am staying away from the following subjects:  the election and anything that have already been written about already in this blog.  Fair enough?   Talk to you tomorrow.