Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5: I feel like dancing...

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Do you watch Dancing with the Stars?  I have been a fan since season 1, but I am having a little trouble with this season, which features celebs who have been on there before.  I feel like if they have been on there before, why do they need to be on there again?  Anyway, despite how I feel about the overall concept, this has been a very enjoyable season, so far.  One of the stars I wanted to stay on top is gone, and that person was Sabrina Bryant.  I was sure that she would last past last week, but nope.  The one who I wanted to go was Kirstie Alley.  I do not know, I kind of pictured her as a Cloris Leachman  type of a dancer, but she is better than I thought she was.  One person who has been very entertaining is Gymnast Shawn Johnson.  I do have concerns.   On day one, they had concerns about Shawn dancing, because of a knee problem that forced her to withdraw from competing in the Olympics back in the summer and to retired from the sport that made her famous.  she told Tom that she had been cleared to dance, but no stunts.  Well about 3 dances in, she did her first stunt, then her second, and her third.   I thought, well the doctors cleared her for stunts.  Well two weeks ago, when she was playing around with Sabrina, Shawn re-injured her knee.  
I am still not familiar with Gilles, the actor.  Apollo Ono is easy on the eyes, especially since tonight he took his shirt off.  Emmett Smith was the only African American invited back, and I was upset about that.  I do not follow football much, so I do not know what team he plays or played on.  I just know that the Ohio State Buckeyes is my favorite team in College football, the Steelers for NFL, and the high school I graduated from, The Independence 76ers is my favorite high school team.  I do not know why they did not have a more diverse group of stars for the all-star team.  What happened to Mel B, Toni Braxton, or anyone else of color?  Why were they not asked back?
Well despite my feelings about this season's DWTS cast, it is a popularity contest,  people have their favorites, and it is not about how well a dance was executed.   It is about how long you want your favorites to stay on.  So who would you like to see in the next lineup for DWTS?  Place your comments below.
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