Monday, April 21, 2014

It’s never been about the Easter Bunny…

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Happy Easter.  I know you are reading it late, but I have been busy today.  My schedule went like this:
12 Mid:  going with my mom to hunt for the nephew (18), who did not show up at the place of meeting. He called while we were in route to my house, and said come get him or he will walk.   Not good at midnight, when you are an African American young male, who is wonderful, but to the cops, you spell bad news when you are out this late.
1 am:  took bath, very relaxing, and very soothing.
2 am:  played Candy Crush.
3 am:  bed
7:30 am- Mom called to wake me up (I cannot never remember to get a new alarm clock)
9:30 am – enjoying breakfast at church
10 am:  Services.  Three people joined the family of Clair UMC (United Methodist Church), including a visitor from last Sunday.  The pastor preached a good sermon about what happened after Jesus rose.  Sermon text Matthew 28:1-10; 16-20.  Her title:  Because He lives.
1 pm: meeting with youth/young adult leader.  We are planning a youth rally for next weekend.  Wish that more people would have stayed for the meeting.   At least they know when to be present next weekend.
2 pm:  at the parent’s home eating dinner.  I never cook on Sunday, so Easter Sunday is just ordinary eat at the parent’s house for me. 
I can go on, and on about my day, such as we went to see my brother and his family after dinner,   gave youngest nephew (3) his Easter Basket, which was a cute, light blue, Longaberger Spring Basket sold as this year’s Easter basket (great call to the Longaberger decision team, love selling for this company).  Mommy filled it full of goodies:  Chocolate bunny and cross, lollipops (his favorite), an ambulance, two books, and two outfits.   His cousin got the same thing, except she got a pink basket, and some socks in the place of the outfits (I do not think that you can fit a 5 year old’s dress in an Easter basket.)
Yesterday, there were egg hunts throughout the city, and just like Christmas, it is not about the candy, the eggs, the gifts in the baskets, although nice, the holiday is about family and the one who rose from the dead to save us from our sins…Jesus.  I know there are believers who will be reading this, as well as non-believers, but I am speaking to everyone, and I am glad that there is one who saved me from my sins.  There is no other to me.

That shows me how much Jesus cares for me.  Yes, he could have come down from the cross to save himself, but he did not, and that to me is a great Easter present.     

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep Good Going: Inspire someone today

You are probably wondering what the title means by keep a good thing going.   Part of it means you have a dream, like the example in the above video tells of a man who always wanted a son to play ball,  He probably saw little league, trophies, and maybe even a scholarship or two being offer from colleges across the country, and this son of his would end in the big leagues.   He got his wish...with his daughter.  He and his wife took her to practices of throwing a ball, not ballet, tap, or piano.   He even explains that he and his wife got her the pitching coaches and she in turn got them the championship.

This story is not about his dream but the daughter's dream.  It probably started out with the man talking to his daughter, explaining to her that she can be whatever she wanted to be, if she put her mind to it, and practice at it.

I felt the same way about my eldest nephew.  I do not have kids of my own, but I have 3 nephews and 1 niece.  I treat each one of them like my own, especially the oldest.    My dream for him was the same as the man in the video, my nephew Mike to do what ever he has the heart and soul to do what makes him happy.  He was an excellent pitcher (dropped out of baseball a couple years ago due to his age), he draws, and he is great at the computer and skateboarding.  I suspect that one day, he may become an engineer or a web designer, because he has helped me out of many a jam with this computer I am typing on.  In turn , I am giving my nephew something to practice on and perfect.   I try to inspire any young person who have dreams and to go after them ,  This is what is means to have a good thing going.

So I am asking all of you out there to do something for someone that helps them get motivated to go after their dream, rather it is to be the best doctor, lawyer, web designer or sports person.  everyone deserves a chance.

Monday, April 14, 2014

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My Ambiance Life: It’s our anniversary….

It’s our anniversary….

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Today, I share in an anniversary like know other.   I celebrated my 97th anniversary today.   OK, for those who have been following my blog posts on My Ambiance Life (formally known as My Blessed life) know that I was born in 1964, so how is it possible for me to celebrate a 97th anniversary, unless it has been 97 months since something in my life happened, or 97 days.  But 97 years?   How could that be possible?   Well let me explain…
It has been 97 years since a woman named Grace E. Steward gathered a group of children from the neighborhood for bible study, which eventually became Clair United Methodist Church, a church that I proudly attend and an active member of.  Most churches cannot say that, in fact many are closing.  I will not dwell on that fact, but it is true. My family has been a member of this church since my father retired from the Air Force in 1979.  
The service was wonderful.  Each year, a committee is formed, plans are made, the church put on its most festive dress (meaning we decorate it), an anniversary choir is formed, dinner is catered and food is served, and a guest preacher comes to speak.  This year, a former pastor of ours came to give the sermon, and it was beautifully done.  He and his family were there when my family joined the church some 37 years ago.  I withheld their names, because I did not get permission to publish the family name ahead of time.  I am like that.
There was another day celebrated in the life of the church.  It was one week, so long ago, that Jesus rode in on a donkey, people spread coats and palm branches on the road, and people waved palm branches in the air and shouted, “Hosanna”, “Hosanna” to him.  It had to have been a wonderful time.  What my church did today was the choir walked in with palm leaves, singing, formed a cross, and our pastor blessed the leaves.   It was time of a day of celebration.
Since the choir I sing in normally sings on the 2nd Sunday of each month, we elected to be the anniversary choir as well.  We invited the other choirs to have members sing in the anniversary choir as well.  What sadden me is that no one from the children’s choir sung in the choir.  Children are a vital part of the church, because it is sign that the church will continue on after the adults die.  Another thing that had me upset yesterday, was my choir president got upset and walked out before I got there.  The reason was that no one was there on time to rehearse, so she took it as a sign that no one was serious enough to practice.  In my personal defense, I was on the freeway going towards the church.  I am sorry that she had to get upset about it.  

In spite of the problems, we had a good day, today, and I would not trade it in for all the jelly beans in the world.  The lesson here it to celebrate the good times, muddle through the bad times, and celebrate some more.  It is a lesson, no matter what your age, gender, and race, sexually orientation, lifestyle, or belief can do, and take stock in.  No matter what you go through celebrate the life of a person, place, or idea.  I also had a chance of  attending the rededication/open house of my high school a few weeks ago, signed up to be part of alumni boosters club, and now I am preparing for a craft bazaar in a couple of weeks.   Nervous?  You bet but it will all be worth it, I am glad to help if it means a future doctor is in the works.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: The first day of April and spring has FINALLY Arrived

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Well, it is about time.  I finally get my spring day.  It is time for me to air out my house and get rid of the winter blahs.   Folks, if you live in the United States, you KNOW how winter was.  I do believe that this is the first winter I have seen where you could not escape the snow, the ice, and the cold, no matter what state you live in.  I will forever name this winter 2014 “ELSA” after the character in the movie Frozen.  Sorry for the spoiler alert, but if you have seen the movie, you will know that Elsa unleashes her powers and puts the town into a deep freeze, after getting into an argument with her sister Anna, and I think that is what happened here.   Of course, if you are a believer that God made the weather and everything else, like me, then you this weather may be part of end times, along with everything else that is happening.
Whatever you believe in (Mother Nature, Elsa, God), just know that spring weather is two weeks late, but better late than never, and I thank God for that.  Now the wind has picked up, but at least it is warm out.

So, I am going to leave you with a greeting.  I found this on the SITS girls website that I belong to.  Until then, Welcome April!