Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's yellow and not read all over....?

I will give you the answer as soon as I calm down (I am marinating on what I REALLY want to say about this very annoying book)
Every since the internet has become a household word and cell and smartphones came into existence, this book has become more and more annoying to me.  (Have you guessed yet)?
I do not know how to get rid of it, because there is a new edition of it every year.  Now I do not mind it's little white cousin , except, no one likes their name in it anymore.  People want privacy, and by not listing their names in the this book, they are not subject to those telemarketing calls anymore.   So they think.
I want to know who uses the Yellow pages anymore?  Yes, I know that the Yellow Pages give the listings for businesses since 1883, but this is 2013, home of the Internet, Smartphones, and home of 411, 311, and 911.   This is how I view the yellow pages (or Yellowpages which ever one you prefer):

  • I have a computer, a smartphone, and an IPad.   
  • They are all Google enabled.
  • The home and smartphones had the capability to allowing me to push the numbers 3-1-1, 4-1-1, and the number I hope I never have to push, 9-1-1.
  • I still have a mommy and a daddy who can get me any church member's phone number from a church directory I often lose for about an hour. (Only to find it when I do not need it.)
  • Outlook and my smartphone have contacts on them.
  • I have email

I know, some older people do not like to use the computer or a smartphone to look up stuff, and I perfectly understand that.  There has to be a way that I and others who do not like the physical Yellow Pages anymore to opt out of getting the book.
Now, the Yellow pages does have other ways for them to stay in business.   They have an app for the smartphone and tablet, a Website, a couple other things to help them keep afloat.  
Note:  You can only opt out if you are the owner of a single family dwelling.  Multi-family (AKA apartment complexes) do not count.

Have a blessed day.