Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How To Support

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Today, I want to talk about support, the importance of support, and the supporting of others.  Support comes in all different ways.  As a noun, the word support means “a thing that bears the weight of something that keeps it upright”.   One of the words that are a synonym for the word “support” is called “brace”.  You can also call it material assistance.  As a verb, it means, “to bear all or part of the weight of something”, or “to hold up”. Another verb meaning is “to give assistance”.  This verb meaning also has the word “brace” as a synonym.  So, why I am I talking about support today.  As in many of my posts so far, it was “on my heart”.
To put it in context, it simply means, “to bear the weight for someone, something, or some act” who needs it.  To hold them up, to give encouragement.  Here are three examples:
Last Wednesday, May 23rd, I went to an event that supported two people who I personally know.  I have never in my life been to an event like this before and I enjoyed myself, as I looked at their work, as well and many different artists.  I was happy to do this for them, and I have known them all their lives (in fact, they were born one day apart).  They are part of my family, although not through blood, I feel like it.  When you are in a church family, you support one another through each other’s good times (such as this event tonight), bad times (such as several recent deaths of church members, including a dear, sweet, but no-nonsense, 108-year-old, who I affectionally called my “grandmother”), and in-between times.  This is why I often tell people to connect with someone.  It does not have to be in a church setting, but as a Christian, I have to say it is paramount that if you were brought up in the church, find a home church, where people are supportive in that way.  You may need to talk to someone.  Councilors are good, and they are effective, but they can often seem cold on the supportive level.  I will get back to you on another post.
Another example is, as you may know, I received a sort of devastating news in the career area when Longaberger announced to employees and the sales field that they have ceased operations.  I felt like I have lost support from everyone in the company, except for the consultant’s Facebook Group, Longaberger Chat, which is a private group.  It feels good that I know that I am not alone in this lost.  The love this group gives to a sales field who many do not know what to next.  I thank God I have a backup business in my P. Lynne Designs company, the one I created from scratch, but many consultants do not.  Many, like me, have quit their jobs to go into full-time direct selling with this company.  Many consultants have lifetime customers who they have been selling to for years, compared to my little, almost 18 years selling for them.  My customer base never picked up in that way, which is why I never became a director like my upline manager, Marilyn. In this group, there is not much negativity for Longaberger. It is not allowed.  Many are just trying to get their lives back on track, even if Longaberger decides to reopen.  It is good to go in the group, ask questions, and have someone help you understand the answers.
Finally, speaking of P. Lynne Designs, I could not pull this company off if it wasn’t for the support system of many people. The sales numbers are not there, yet, and it takes time.  I know who to turn to when I have questions.  It is a 2-in-1 system of Renae Christine.  The groups are Handmade Titan University and Ultimate Architect.  For instance, I had a question about having my website, P. Lynne Designs in compliance with the European Union, even though for right now, my plan is to only sell to customers in the United States because I did not want to deal with international shipping costs, which can be more than the product itself.  Later down the road, after I get established, I can add on shipping to the rest of the world. Not only from the administrator of the group did I get a good explanation that I do not have to worry about it nor there is no fee to get in compliance (I may not have to do anything), but it is nice to have that support, otherwise and even with prayer, I would be balling like a baby on why I can’t get anywhere, anymore. (please read the “Self-Doubt” post).
Why Support?
Support boosts positive self-esteem.  Support helps a person feel like they matter in the world and the world is a hard, cruel place.  In the first scenario, the support I gave was not about me, it was about the people who I came to see, directly, but it also helped the other artists who were part the event indirectly as well.  I remember that when I was a little girl, I had dance recitals (ballet (both demi-pointe and pointe-the toes are crying every time I mention this, LOL), jazz, and tap), Music recitals (organ and piano), the plays in high school, girl scouts, and choir concerts.  It made me feel good when my parents and others were out in the audience, cheering me on, even when a plie was not done properly, a paddle-diddle went wonky, or note on the keyboard or in my voice went awry.  Same goes if there is someone who is in need.  I know there is a difference between attending a Girl Scout flag ceremony your little one worked hard on and giving a dollar to a charity, but it really isn’t.
The support of others.
When you give your money, your time, and really your space, you are letting someone know that you care about their plight.  You want that homeless person to get something to eat, a place to stay or a job.  It is no different than if you come to see a play, their artwork, or even buy from someone who has a small business. The only difference is you are supporting someone who may not know how to help themselves, has forgotten how to help themselves, or thinks that the world is a cold, cruel place.  It does not matter if that help is volunteering to get them food, or just a smile as you walk past them on the street.  That smile, that dollar, or that food could have been the first thing they received in days.  You all seen the videos of people helping out, right?
Takeaway Moment….

Please take a moment to support someone.  Not only a family member, friend, but a stranger.  I must have been a magnet for giving out money to help out earlier in the month.  Not only did I attend the event, but one night, I decided to go to a new place to eat (new to me).  I was right around the corner from where I live, and I went it to get some gizzards (ended up with 2 legs because of what the owner said about the gizzards).  Anyway, I was approached by this homeless woman for money to eat.  I had no change, so I told her that I have to wait to see how much the food was going to cost.  I am sitting waiting on my food, and the woman comes in, goes to the bathroom, then approaches me again, asking me if I can now give her some money.  Now I am not the type of person that gives anything if you beg and ask me twice.  I went ahead and gave it to her.  After I left out of the diner, another person asked, and I gave him a couple of dollars.  I opened the car door, and another woman asked (I think they are now traveling in groups of three), and when I only gave this woman only a quarter (because that is what she asked for), she asked, “is that all you got”.  Again, I started to not give it to her, since she was picky on the amount I gave her, and she was practically ready to sit in my car (I was in the back putting my food in), but I gave her a dollar anyway.  I felt good but felt uneasy at the same time.  A couple weeks later, someone else asked me to give them some money, and I gave.  So that made 4 people in one month.  I think God was testing me for something, but it serves as a teachable moment.  Be willing to give of yourself, your time, and sometimes your money.  That is the true meaning of the word, “support”, that a dictionary cannot define.  Make it part of your 2018 (what’s left of it).