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From time to time, I may post something written by someone else.  Being a guest blogger is a privilege that I have enjoyed in the past to bring a different perspective to another blog other than my own.  This is something that I will be doing again this year.  I want to offer that same opportunity to someone who is:
·         Looking to expand their work to other readers, who may not know about them.  This opportunity can turn into new followers for their own blog.
·         Looking to get into writing and possibly encourage them to start or expand their own blog. Again, new followers.
·         To see if writing is for them.  It takes hard work and dedication to write even part-time and it is not for everyone.  Who knows, a post may go viral, and that is time to think about a career in writing, especially if they are a teen or a senior who is looking for a hobby after retirement.
With that being said, I do encourage everyone to try writing something at least once in their life.  It could be very rewarding and very relaxing but there is a right way and a wrong way of writing, and you can read about it in my previous posts throughout this blog.  There are some guidelines that a writer MUST agree with and followed BEFORE I will consider posting their writing on this blog.  They are in no particular order:
1.      I accept the following subjects:
a.       Writing (all forms)
b.      Opinionated posts on anything that is current, except anything that political, demeans another person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, and lifestyle. 
c.       Tips on any subject
d.      Social Media
e.       Blogging and the art of blogging
f.        Technical, especially experiences with technical.  I started this subject because I realized that my parents are challenged, especially my mother, who recently got a smartphone for the first time.
2.      I do not pay for posts at this time.  I would love to, but I cannot.  This blog (as well as one other blog) is a hobby for me, but I do place affiliate links on my blog posts. I do have another blog, P. Lynne Designs that is part of my other business by the same name, and I will have a separate guest blog disclosure listed there if you are interested.  
3.      MUST be writing in English.  I know one other language, which is Spanish, but no posts will be in that language. Other than that, there are no other languages on this blog.  I want all my readers to feel comfortable when they read your work of art, and it is a work of art.  There is translation software out there that a person can use if they want to translate the post to their language.
4.      Please use proper English.  As one English teacher explained to me, there is proper English, and there is English for everyone else.  Use complete sentences with the proper punctuation. I must admit that even I still struggle with the use of commas, for those little mishaps, I use an online program called Grammarly. I use the free version, which helps with the little mishaps. 
5.      Check for spelling.  Along the lines of “2” and checking your spelling, please know the proper placement of “to”, two (2), and too, as well as there, their, and they’re.  There are more words like this, so these are examples.
Now, I am going to stop for a moment to point out that for rules “2” and “3”, I am going to reject your post if you have these common mistakes.  I do them myself so I cannot talk.  These are for you to keep in check when writing for this blog.  There are far worst things you can do to get rejected from being posted.  They are listed below:
6.      Please refrain from cursing and swearing on your post.  You may normally do that on your blog, but for My Ambiance Life, I try not to use profanity (that’s the word I am looking for).  It may slip, but I proofread my copy before I upload it.  If I find it, the word or the meaning gets stricken from the copy.
7.      Please refrain from trolling on your post.  This is my biggest pet peeve.  Trolling cuts a person down to a small size, and I do not want my readers to feel small when they read any post on this blog.  I understand that your opinions are yours and yours alone, but please keep in mind that anyone could be reading your post, and if you are looking for a new readership, talking about a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, and lifestyle in a demeaning way, makes them have low self-esteem.  Please do it on a blog that allows it.  I will not publish your post if I see one hint of trolling.
8.      You are allowed to have your opinion. 
9.      Make sure that the work you submit is your work.  I do not have to quote copyright laws to a guest blogger, but there are people who do submit subpar work, and plagiarism is something that I do not tolerate at all.  In fact, it is my second writing pet peeve.  I do not have anything more to say on the subject.  It shows that the guest blogger is lazy and wants credit for everything they submit.  This goes for the photos you submit with the post as well.  You are welcome to use:
a.       Stock photos.
b.      Royalty free photos.
c.       Photos you have taken yourself.
d.      Photos you have personally paid others to take for you.
10.  Please properly give credit where credit is due.  If you did not make the quote, say so.  Same with photos.  We don’t know everything, and sometimes it does not hurt to ask for help.  This goes along with #7. 
11.  I do except blog posts with affiliate links on them if you use them as a way to earn extra money.
12.  Speaking of credit, please note at the bottom of your post where readers can normally find you.  Do you have a website, a blog, or product that you are currently selling?  List all of that, but try to condense that information to no more than 5-6 lines.  Do not list your whole history.   The readers can find that information on your blog or website, if you label it properly.
If you have any questions or not sure if you can submit your blog post here, please contact my through email at

Thank you, and good luck.

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