Sunday, March 17, 2013

Advertising on my blogs

Disclaimer:  This is not an inspirational post by any means.

Up to now, the only thing I have in terms of advertising on my blogs are any affiliates that I endorse or that are run by Adsense.  So far, no good.  No one is hardly clicking, and I am stuck on $34, which is a total of 5 blogs, Hubpages, and YouTube.  After all, a girl has got to eat around here.  I can sit here and beg, beg, beg, but that could and will turn some people off.  So, I am going to start having advertisements on my page from people.  I have not set up the pages yet, and it is going through PassionFruit.  I will let people know on each blog (and soon to come website (Over a year in the making ) who I am looking for in an advertiser.  If you are a business person, start thinking about if this is a good fit for you...

Below are my Blogs:

My Ambiance Life:   You are presently here.   I am looking for people who freelance anything:  Writers, Artists, speakers mostly.  State who you looking to work with and what you do (article writing, blogs, jewelry maker, scrapbooker, etc)

Simply Organized Crafts:  Even though I have not written anything in over a month on this blog, I do writing in it more than you know.   This blog is mainly on tips that deal with the house.   I have the blog, and I am working on the website to which the blog with be attached to.  I have not decided if I am going to make the advertising page on the blog side or the website side.  I will let you know.  In either case, I am looking for people who give tips and or services that have to do with organizing, interior decorating, cooking, and financial advise.  I do have a little tech knowledge on there, but I am finding that it deserves its own blog, but I have not decided if or when I am going to start that.  For now, tech has been put on the blog side of Simply Organized Crafts.

P. Lynne Designs.  This used to be named MDN Creates, and I felt like I have out grown this name.  This is my scrapbooking business.   I offer tips and tricks to creating the most beautiful pages on a budget, as well as making cards of all sizes, and altering things like notebooks, clothes pins, and boxes.  I also show what I made, in hopes to inspire the crafter in all of us, or at least try to.  In the near future (or when I get the money) I will become a Stampin! Up Demonstrator, and that will be present as well.   I am looking for like minded business people who do craft (it does not have to be paper crafting) who are looking for a way to get their business out there.

Tricia's Baskets.  This is my Longaberger business.  I am an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant, and that will not go away when I start demoing Stampin! Up.  I show people on this blog how to decorate, organize, and entertain with the products, as well as any specials the company has or of they want to join my team and the Longaberger family of consultants.   For this blog, I will be honest and wrestled with it a bit.  I want new customers and I want people to come to my team if they want to sell Longaberger products, but would I be taking that away from me if I invite other direct selling companies to advertise on this blog.  No I will not, so this the type of business person I am looking for....consultants of any direct selling company, except adult companies.  Sorry, I do have to draw the line somewhere, and I do have family friendly blogs.  I am sure there is a place for companies like Passion Parties, but I do not want to draw attention to that either.

Traveling to the Mouse's House is my last one in the blog area.   This blog is about traveling to Disney, and money saving tips that makes even the most budget conscience person want to go.   I drawing my inspiration from three trip experience to Walt Disney World, and several trips to Disneyland, as well as what is trending at the parks, and my own spin of what other bloggers writing about on their blogs.  I also draw inspiration from my current planning to visiting the resort in December 2013, and the obstacles I am facing with a family of 10 (4 adults, 3 children, 1 teen, and 2 seniors).  This is frustrating at its finest.  I am looking for travel agents who not only specializing in Disney travel but any travel.   If you specialize in giving advise to travelers, that would be nice too.

Now, what do you get when you advertise with me:   That is the mystery part, but I will spill soon.  I do know this, If you do, you get to guest post on my blogs.  This means exposure to your site and your business.  You will get to link back to your site, that means more exposure.   If you have a video, even better, and more exposure there too. When you have more exposure there is more money.

Now there is a price to advertising as well.  Did I mention earlier that a girl's got to eat?  Do not worry, I will also offer free spots if you are just starting out, but those will come on a first come, first serve basis. Same with the other spots, but either way, you will get to advertise if you want the exposure.  So if you are just starting, get you ads ready.  I want to start around the mid April if I can, and the ads will run for the rest of the year.  Starting January 2014, you will get a full year, but the price may not change. I will send you details via email or in a Facebook message.  
Well, go to go.   Talk to you later, and have a blessed day.
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Phrase of the week (word of the Week)...

"Nothing you’ve ever given has gone unnoticed. Every sacrifice you’ve made, every time you stopped to help someone, God has seen it. " Joel Olsteen

This week, I thought I would try something a little different.  I saw this on Facebook, and I follow Mr. Olsteen (I do not know him well enough to call him by his first name).  I love reading about what he has to say about God's word.  This leads up to the word recognition, attention, and the "look at me" syndrome that certain celebs have about them.   We all grew up with it, and it seems that our children are doing the same.  I am not going to bore you with the usual definition of these words, because these words were ingrained in our brains from the time we were very small.  It starts with words, "look at my little baby, isn't she precious", and it goes on from there.  Every dance or music recital, baseball game or gymnastics meet.  I was the kid with the dance and music recitals, my brother was the sports one, and my sister was the dance and gymnastics kid, and wee all wanted friends and relatives to come to see every single last one of them.  We wanted to let everyone know about the different fundraisers our schools had, so we can be the kid with the most funds and get lots of prizes, and get all the recognition we could get.  Hum, I think another word just came in under the radar, and that word is jealousy.

I remember once when I was a teen, I got mad, because no one at church praised me for the good job I did with the children's choir.  I was playing for them alone with an older lady, who is now our oldest member living at 103 years old.  Again, I was a teen, a typical teen, I was at home sulking about the concert, because they clapped for her, and did not say my name not one time.  My mom said to me, as I stood in the hallway pretty much what Pastor Olsteen said in this passage, "God saw it, and he was pleased."   I looked at her as if I was saying to her, "so what."

Mommy was right (yes, I do still call her that), It should not matter, but it did matter that no one said to me, "Look what Patti did" (My childhood nickname).  You should not want people to praise you, but to praise God that you were able to do it in the first place.  In fact, what you do for others just proves that you have learned not to think of yourself, but for the other person.

Now, I do not want people to say what I did, or that I helped, unless it gets someone else to do the same, and it is not for my own self worth.  I just want to see people happy, healthy, and whole, so that they themselves can do something meaningful.  The important thing is when someone ask you to do something, and you do not grumble about it, it does help.  Everyone should want to help another person without an attitude.  God loves a cheerful giver as well. 

So comment below, have you ever done something that you thought you should have been recognized for?   I would love to see what you wrote.

Have a blessed evening.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do you speak negativity? If so, STOP!

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Do you say the following words:  if, can’t, shouldn't, no, not, never, and maybe?   How about the phrases if I could, will never, if I had, and my personal favorite, maybe one day? 
I tape a lot of shows, and I was going through one of them, Oprah’s Master Class.  This is a show on the OWN Channel, where a celeb will talk about how they got to a positive point in their lives, and how they rose to the top of their game.  It is more like a series of questions that Oprah has prepared for the celeb and less of a one on one interviews people are accustom to seeing in a typical Oprah interview.  This was on Alicia Keys, one of my favorite singers.  I follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, when she takes time out her busy schedule to write something.
Anyway, she was talking about the day she met the songwriter who partners with her on many of the songs she writes, and she joked around saying words like “knowing me, this would never happen”, and kept say the word if a lot, and he stopped her.  He kept asking her why she says the word if a lot, and she told him that she jokes a lot.   At that time, the songwriter told Alicia that when you say things like that, you are writing your own future with your words, joking or not.   It was at that moment, I realized that I, too say things like that, and over half the time I am joking.

I do not mean to speak negativity in my life.  When I see things that could help my business to grow, I look at the price of that program, and think, “that will never happen, because I do not have the money for it.”  Same thing when I need to organize a space, or even if I want something.  An example of a want is, I have a 15 year old musical keyboard that is starting to show its age.   I know that it is a matter of time before I have to replace it.  Same goes with this desktop computer I am typing on.  It is 4 years old.  I sit and plan for these things, but I always say, “one day,” or “I do not have the money for it.”  I may not have the money for it now, but who knows if I will have it next week or next month.  In my businesses, selling for Longaberger (Tricia’s Baskets) and P.Lynne Designs, the goal is to help people, and to make money while doing what I love.  I cannot hoard it one I make it, but I also cannot deprive myself and the needs of others either.

By speaking life (as Ilanyla Vanzant puts it so eloquently) into something, you want something positive to happen in your life.  Saying things like, “you can do this,” “It is possible to get ________,” or “It is possible to obtain______. “  It is the same when you speak positive to someone else.  It may not happen the way you have envisioned it to be, but may turned out better than you have hoped it would be.   For example, when I started my scrapbooking business in 2010, I knew exactly what I wanted, so I thought.  I wanted to advertise to make people’s scrapbook albums and to make greeting cards.   I knew who I wanted for clientele and I knew exactly where I was going to get my business from.   Not so fast, God say, you need start small, then build on it.  Because things were not happening the way I wanted it to be, I started speaking negative about my business.  I started saying things like, “I want to have a studio in my home, but I cannot, because my house is not big enough and I do not have enough money.”  So, I did not started what I wanted, but I did start advertising small.   I started crying because I no one locally would not come, so I started neglecting my house.   Neglecting my house caused me to start thinking about organizing.   In the meantime, I started writing about all the things that I wanted to do, and that lead me to blogging about writing, organizing, and scrapbooking.  Now I have come full circle, and it strange how all of it started sort of a “reboot” of my business.  I took a risk and quit working at a scrapbooking store, but I started freelancing in writing.   Along the way, I started saying things like “I can make this work through God’s help.” So I have a new prospective of things, and now they are turning out great.  I am not in the position of making money still, but the few times that I did, I was able to do some things, and put money away, even if it was for a little while. 

Patience is also the key, and you to be willing to do just that.  There is a scripture that says, “…but they who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up like wings like eagles; they shall not run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31 ESV).  This applies to everything we do, The Lord will provide, and we just have to see what happen, but we cannot just sit and wait.  Until that thing you want to happen, happens, do other things.  My suggestion is to help others, give of yourself, and seek God during this time.  You will be surprised what doors will open for you when you are not focused totally on you.  Give yourself some positive talk, do the same for others, especially those who are younger than you.  You never know who you may impact.

Well, my talk was long today, but I just wanted to let you know that if you are struggling with something, you can do it, whatever it is.  It does not have to be something big like starting a business or buying a new home.  It could be as simple as asking for someone’s hand in marriage, talking to a boss about a well-deserve raise, or going to the doctor for something that may be wrong with your body.  The point is God has got your back, and if you seek him, let it go to him.  Think positive that it will turn out better than you think.  If not, then seek out that things will turn will get better, and that includes reading something positive and inspirational.  Also, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help too, it may be God’s way of solving the situation.
Have a blessed evening.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

"I" Prompts: Your next challenge

Flickr Friday meetup at Kakaako Waterfront Par...
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Since I changed the blog title, I am invoking other changes.  Friday's will be fun prompt night.  so if you are stuck, I hope I can help you get from unstuck.  So, for today first of I hope many challenges (and I will try to post them earlier next week).   So put on your favorite pair of PJ's, go into your favorite part of your domain, close the door, unplug (but not for this prompt), pour your favorite beverage that is non-alcoholic (Note:  Alcohol clouds the senses, and you cannot think clear). Here is your challenge:

  1. Write at least one of the following prompts:
    1. I was...
    2. I am...
    3. I think...
    4. I save...
    5. I can't Imagine..
  2. 300-500 words
  3. Any style
  4. First person
  5. Make it fun
That's it.  So an example of an "I was" prompt would be...
I was having the worst week ever, when all of a sudden, a friend of mine decided that we should take a "whatever" weekend trip.   The idea behind the trip is we will drive wherever direction we want to go.  So, we decided to go out 300 miles and see where we will end up.  So the next morning, we both called in sick from our prospective employers, and started on our way.  We decided to drive west, and stopped several times alone the way.  We also decided on the trip to not do the usual things we normally do. 
Our first stop was at this quaint little shop about 20 miles from home.  I spotted it on my Ipad.  The lady of the shop was nice, and she said that half the purchases she made in the shop are from local artists who have hope to be discovered, the lease she could do was to sell their artwork.    The money is donated back to the local workshop where they did most of the creations.  I made a couple of purchases from here and was also thinking of having a few of my own pieces donated there.
After leaving the shop, we stopped for breakfast.  When we take trips, we usually stop at a McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, or some other “chain” restaurant.  This time we decided to stop at a “mom and pop” diner along the way.  I have heard of a diner that the chef Guy Fiery visited on his Diners, Drive-in, and Dives show, and I knew it was in the area, so we stopped in.  The place was exactly what I imagine it to be, and the food was amazing, except for the eggs.  I did not like the way my eggs were cooked, so I asked if it would be possible for the eggs to be re-cooked, and they did it.   After sitting for a minute longer, we paid for our meal, and left.  So far this “Whatever” trip of ours was a blast.  
We stopped a few more times, each place we “accidently” ran into, the shops, the eating places, and the little known facts were getting more interesting than ever.  When we reached the end of our 300 mile trek from our homes, we rested and spent all day Saturday in the place where we planted ourselves.   Sunday came, and I wanted to go to church to thank God for getting us here, and to take us back safely home.  The service was wonderful, we got to introduce ourselves, told the congregation our story, and enjoyed the rest of the service.   The minister asked us to come to the front of the church, and he laid hands on us to bless us back to our home. 
So, what was a horrible week for me, turned out to be the most amazing trip I had with my friend.  It was a beautiful weekend.  Thank you, hubby for taking me away.

This is a example, but you come up with what you want.
I am going to leave it at that.  You have a blessed evening.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Name Change

If you have not already noticed, I changed the name of my blog from My Blessed Life to My Ambiance Life.   For me it will always be a My Blessed Life.  The reason why I had to change the name was not something I wanted to do in the first place.   It started out so innocently, I was researching something for my other blog, Simply Organized Crafts.  I saw a picture of a homemade organizational unit, and then I saw the blog name.  Smack, that is all I can say.  Google allowed it.   The owner had the name and the URL of  the "My Blessed Life" trademarked for all the world to see since 2009.  The problem is when I searched the name before naming this blog, it did not show up.  I named my blog that title in 2012, so technically I was in violation of it.  This blog is about writing, while her blog is about the same things that my Simply Organized Crafts blog is about, being all the best you can be in your home.  OK, I respect that.  I will change the name.
I added a description to that name, which is "Writing is the soul that is fueled here."  that makes sense, because that is all I do when I am on this blog, write.
So I hope no one makes me change this name again.  I have changed all but one of my blogs' names at least once sense I started blogging, and I am learning as I go along.  Naming a blog is hard, it is like naming you baby when he or she are born.  You try to give your "baby" a personality for all the world to see what you are capable of, and well (giggle), what can I say...great minds think alike.  Renaming a blog is harder, and I am not mad at her for having the name in the first place.  I should have been better prepared for it.  At least she did not file a lawsuit, I hate courts for stupid stuff.
So that is it for today, and I hope you have a very blessed day (which was my second choice for a new blog name)  Good day.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Word of the day: Respect

React, Respect, IntersectFor two days I have been wanting to write about this word, and I wrestled with it for a while.  according to the dictionary, Respect is a word that means a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by abilities, qualities, or achievements. It does not give me a whole lot of room to work with, because to me, the definition is vague, and to me, it goes much deeper than that.  Lately, I have seen a lot of ways that people do not respect each other.  
Children do not respect each other or adults.  They say things that they do not mean at the time and them it is too late to retract the thing they said.  Adults do the same thing.  November, I saw name calling by both parties, and even though I was for Obama and voted for him, both candidates concentrated more on each others abilities of running the country, than what they can do for the country, and the crisis we as a nation were facing.  Republicans refusing to work with this president, which is part the cause of this sequester in the first place.  Is there some reason why members of congress refuse to give up their salaries so this can end?  Good night, people, you make enough money to help me and 15 other small business owners with our inventories.  Let me shut up for now because I am ticked.
Humans are not the only things we are not respecting, we are not respecting the Earth, anyone's ideas, and we are not respecting God.  Humm, I think I just un-nerved some people here. I am just going to let you marinate on that one for a while.
I have been in a few confrontations in the past couple of days, I am not going to tell you what it was about or who it was with, but I will say this much, I hate drama, and I hate it with a passion.  If anyone finds me sticking my nose where it does not belong, just tell me I am being nosy, and it does not concern me.  That is the best respect you can give me when I want to know about something.  That is my clue to mind mine, because I can be nosy, especially when it concerns family.   I want the best for my family, and I will protect what's mine, but if you want me to leave it alone, I do not have a problem doing just that either.  Just do not fight around me.
Listen, God does not like ugly, if we can respect each other, we can all just get alone, but the devil does not like that either, so keep respecting each other so the devil can flee.  I love you, I respect you all who are my readers or if you just happen to pass this way to someplace else on your internet search, and have a blessed evening.
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