Monday, January 30, 2012

I finally did it and about Me

I have a new blog.   In case you do not know me, my name is Patricia, and this is my blog.   I have several others, and people say that a person should not have more than one blog, but I say the more the merrier.   If you can keep up.

I am the owner and designer of MDN Creates (blog and soon to be website by the same name), Independent Home consultant for The Longaberger Company, which just simply goes by just the name Longaberger, and some people (not all) can tell you that they make the best baskets on the planet.  At least I think so, and apparently so do thousands of others.  The pen name (if you want to call it that) is called Tricia's Baskets.   I use that name when I need to sponsor a fundraiser, a baseball team, you name it.

I recently (well about 15 years ago) started writing.   A friend of mine (who passed in 2002) suggested that I would try it.   I was not sure, because I was one of those children, who received so many red marks on her papers, until they lit up like little Christmas trees.  ( I still have problems ever once in a blue moon with run-on sentences).   I decided to give it a go, and off I went, into the writing unknown.  I was not sure where I was going to land with this writing thing, and I actually thought that Lois was a little crazy for that suggestion, but you know what?  I love it.   I can type for hours on my keyboard, and lose myself.   That is how the online diary (in MS Word ) started.   Now I am sort of a Freelance writer (even though so far the pay stinks)

Back to MDN Creates.   You know, I started listening to others.  My mother and her sisters (most of them) suggested that I start making custom greeting cards, scrapbook albums and journals for others.  So that is what MDN Creates is a papery company.   I did not always listen.   That takes a whole new post, and one that well kept in my personal, now intimate journal, in MS Word.

I do other things.   I dance.   I am fluent in ballet, jazz, modern jazz, liturgical, and Tap.   My left foot has not liked it lately.   Dance is another subject I can loose myself in.  I love doing it, and I love watching others do it.   I play the Piano, organ, and keyboard, yet another subject I can loose myself in.   Music takes on different forms for me, rather I am happy, sad, mad, or amused.  (you do not want to hear me being amused, LOL)  I am also getting to be a little computer geek.   At first it bothered me, as in "women do not do that", but the more I get into this box with lots of pretty lights and into the social side of things, I am starting to think that there is something to women blogging after all.  after all, I have now three blogs on Blogger, and 3 on WordPress, plus two websites in the making.  Plus, women bring a sort of softness to an otherwise cold exterior world of computing.   I want an IPad, I cook, read (both traditional and eBook), and learning more about organizing.

So why did I start this blog?  simply, I like to write, and I was writing more about the subject of writing in my MDN Creates blog than about the subject of scrapbooking.   I graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing (after earning a certificate in secretarial science some years before).  There are subjects that I want write about that should not be covered in MDN Creates or Tricia's Baskets (I have strict rules for  myself.)   I want to talk about travel, the world, being a Christian (which is more that just having the title), being a woman, Organizing, health, and even my take on computing, politics (but not too much), and entertaining (not just those in entertainment).   I am more than you see for those of you who follow me on my other blogs.   I also want to leak stuff from my other blogs too, in case a new scrapbooker or a person who buys Longaberger wonders over here.

Lastly, I am so glad I did this.   Whoever you are in blog-land  ( is there such a word), I will try not to get too upset about things in life, because I am an emotional person.   if I do, send me a comment telling me to dial it back a notch.  I will not be upset if you do.  I will try to keep things calm and even toned around here.  Things do pass, and it is best to move on when it happens.  Try to deal with the positive, and things will get better in the end.   Hey, as a gospel song says, "I'm Alive", and "I am blessed and highly favored of the most high", which is God and Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior.   This is me in a nutshell, and I am out.

God Bless You all, and be sure to check out my other two blogs on Blogger, MDN Creates and Tricia's Baskets.  Take care of yourself, there is only one you.