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Hello, Welcome to My Blog

Thank you for visiting my blog, My Ambiance Life (MAL).  I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, learning how to write, and listening to the things that make me the person that I am.  This disclosure is a little information on my blog is structured so you can feel safe when visiting this blog.  I encourage everyone who reads it to share with their friends and family.
This is a Family-friendly blog
My intention for this blog is to make as family friendly as possible.  This mean on my end there will be no swearing, cursing, racism, demeaning of ALL RACES, CREEDS, RELIGIONS, AND BELIEFS.  I am a fairly open-minded person and I like to believe that I am fair to all persons in this world.  My values and opinions are Christian based, biblical based, but I do read other publications so I can gain knowledge of others in the world.


I do encourage you to make a comment.  Please, if you make a comment in the comments section, please make it about the post subject, and do not post about how to make a fast buck, scam, or be a troll.  In case you do not know what a troll is, it is a person who curses, defames another person for their beliefs, sexual orientation, or race.  I have received comments like that in the past, and it does not look good.  In fact, it is sorted rude to push your legitimate business that way.  If I find that in the comments section, I will take it down and block you from commenting.  However, if you want me and my readers to know about your business, please send it to plogan721@att.net.  If it is worth mentioning, I will respond to you for further information, and mention you in a future post or ask you to write a short post on your business, so please include your name and how people can contact you.  This is for legitimate businesses ONLY.

Mistakes made and learning from them:

I want to let you in on a little secret:  I am learning just like you.  I have learned some things about writing that I am willing to share with you, but I am still learning, and I do not know all the answers to writing.  I wish I did, but then you will not learn from my mistakes.  I also do not know all the answers to life, and I will be the first to admit when I am wrong. 
This is the reason why I do the type of writing that I do because I am still figuring it all out. If there is something that you have learned about writing and life, please send me a comment in the comments section.  Who knows, you could teach me a little more about what I just wrote about.  I am like a little sponge.

Guest Bloggers:
I do invite other bloggers to write from time to time.  It is a way to get your name out there, and for my readers to have a fresh perspective on the subject.  I will have full details on another page.  All inquiries can be emailed to:

Patricia Logan
Subject line: Guest blogger

It must pertain to the subject of writing.  As of this update, there will be no political views or protests.  Even I have stopped writing about these two volatile subjects.  There are plenty of blogs out there to write your views on the subjects.  Again, I will have full disclosure on what I am looking for in a guest blog post.
Affiliations associated with this blog:

A few things about this blog:  I DO have affiliates on this blog.  This is one of the ways I earn my living.  These are through Amazon and Share a Sale, as well as Blogelina.  I have other ways of earning income, which is listed on another page on this blog.  You may learn about them by clicking here.  I may even mention them from time to time, and I do research them in detail before listing them to the public, because of my experience in 2007, when I was scammed myself.  The back story behind it all was the bank where I had my accounts at closed the accounts, and I was banned for 5 years from opening another one. So, now I check each resource before mentioning it to my readers. 
Before each blog post, or somewhere in it, I will disclose that the post has affiliate links in it, and that you are welcome to click on the link, but it is not a requirement for this blog.  I do have a blog for reviews, unless it pertains to writing, then that review belongs here on MAL.  I will also mention it before the blog, as well as any sponsored posts.  This is according to U.S. law.

Again, thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoy it and best of luck to you and your family.

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