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Blog Giveaway Listings, Freebie Day!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thankful Tuesday: She did WHAT!?

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For thankful Tuesday, I am going to talk about being­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ _________.  I am going to fill in the blank later and I will explain along the way.
Everyone is talking about how bad Miley Cyrus was Sunday night.  I did not see the VMA’s, but I did see a snippet of it on You Tube.   I am not going to go over it nor will I explain how raunchy she was.   No use beating a dead horse with a broomstick.  It is done, in the history books, and there have been worst acts than that at concerts (think Lady Gaga.   Sorry, Little Monsters)
I am not condoning what Miley Cyrus did, after all she is a letdown.  This is my personal term for people who the world had high hopes for, because this person had such a positive image that the world saw, and thought, “finally someone for my kids to look up to.”  There have been several letdowns lately, such as Amanda Bynes and Lindsey Lohan to name a few. Perhaps they are not ready for what the world considers adulthood or acting like an adult.  They were looking for something to get out of the squeaky clean image these young ladies portrait in the characters they played, such as doing drugs, drinking, or being provocative, which is not the answer.  I would even throw in Justin Bieber into the mix of people who are not responsible enough to have a fan base consisting of children.
So what does this has to do with Thankful Tuesday, it simple.  I am thankful that there are parents out there who want their kids to stay as innocent as possible.  They do that by saying no.  
Saturday, I went to the store with a friend of mine and her 2-year old son.  As we were riding along in the car, all of a sudden, I was listening to this little voice singing, “Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star.”   I almost had a tear in my eye.  Why?  Because I want children to stay as innocent as possible, and to sing children’s songs, not these songs that talk about getting someone in bed with them.  These kids do not know what that means, and as far as my friend’s son is concern, he may not understand the words to that song about a little star, but my friend would feel a lot better explaining about a star than what “Blurred Lines” means to him or any child under the age of 13.

I am just thankful that we still have people who think that children still need to live like is the 1950’s, 60s, and 70s.   They were not all innocent times, but there was not as much sex and other stuff on television and in the movies as there are now.  What these kids need are some real role models who show them how to act and live in this world instead of some has been, who like to parade in a bra and panties set on stage in front of thousands.

Friday, August 16, 2013

organized, the other side of pure laziness

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I have found out in the last 6 months (or longer) that I am lazy.   I have to make myself do everything these days, except my business.  Do you go long spurts of time where you do not feel like doing anything but what is easy and quick?  I will take all comments in the section below.
For instance, no one likes to clean house, except for a select few, and even then, the select few find ways to make it easier for them to clean.   I am in the process of making a home management book, so it can help me find a schedule to clean certain areas on select days.  The only way that I can implement this is to commit to it.
One of the major cons about having a home business without having an outside job is the thought pattern of, “I can get up when I want to, “but who is it hurting?  Once I put my schedule into my home management guide, I will be able to know and to remember what I am supposed to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. But again, it calls for commitment.
Anything that a person does has to be done with commitment, even it is to yourself.  A person cannot go through life without committing to something, and that I think that is one of the problems that the younger generation has.  Oh wait, they do, they are committed to being lazy, stubborn, talking back to elders and peers alike, and so forth.   I guess I am used to the comment, “when an adult tells you to do something, you do it.”  You will never know and you may even like it.
Last Sunday was the celebration of my church’s oldest living member.  Mother Cook turned 104 years young.   I say young, because her mind at her age was clearer that my mind at 49.   Anyway, her daughter asked me, as soon as I got in the back door of the church to be one of the hostess for the after service repass.   I thought to myself, “Can I sit this one out, I never get to enjoy a repass anymore, because I am always hosting.”  I got ready to go into the choir area.   Service was great, and after church, I thought,” Miss Ann forgot, and I am saved.”   Not so fast…She asked me again, so reluctantly, I went downstairs and took my place as hostess. 
Yes, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed all the goofiness of being the hostess, such as; the glass pitcher that kept on leaking at the spout, trying to stretch green beans so that everyone can get some (See Jesus feeding the 5000 story, which was not quite as dramatic as this one for the 21st century).  How about mystery food that mysteriously showed up at the church (or how to tastefully and tactfully place an unscheduled homemade cake next to a commercially made cake), and 6 songs that were sung when only one was scheduled on the program (including Stevie Wonder’s version of Happy Birthday that my church has run into the ground.  (What happened to just singing the traditional birthday song?))  
I will leave you with this:  Commitment is the key to organization.  Once you have a plan, you have to take action and commit the action.  No one can make you do it but you.

Be blessed my friend.
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Monday, August 5, 2013

looking for something special...fundraising

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Looking for a ways to raise money where Traditional loans will not do?  Try crowdfunding.  It is cheap and does not cost a dime for a person to start.  It does not take much either.  Crowdfunding is traditional done because traditional banks and other financial institutions feel the need to keep good honest people from earning money for the things they love to do.   This can be anywhere from starting a business, raising capital funds for new equipment, to start a community program, to help pay for family medical bills, family vacations, even celebrities are getting into the act.
Once you have identified what you want to use the funds for, you can go to a site like, ,, or any of the sites like them.  Next, write down what you want and why.  People respond to campaigns that are truthful and honest.   Next plug in a video to further explain your project.  Do not forget to thank them in advance. 
Lastly, once you filled out the necessary forms, it is now time to promote your newly created campaign.  One thing you want to do it promote it on as many social media sites as possible, being careful of spamming.  Tell family and friends is another way of promotions. Sponsorship is another way of getting the word across, but you cannot be affiliated with the sponsor in any way. If you want to learn how to pitch to someone, I highly recommend this program called Pitch the Media Like a Pro.  It is a no nonsense way to learn how to pitch to people to get sponsorship like the professionals.
Give crowdfunding a try and who knows, it could also help launch your freelance writing career.

Be blessed my friend.

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