Monday, August 5, 2013

looking for something special...fundraising

Crowdfunding (Photo credit: RocĂ­o Lara)
Looking for a ways to raise money where Traditional loans will not do?  Try crowdfunding.  It is cheap and does not cost a dime for a person to start.  It does not take much either.  Crowdfunding is traditional done because traditional banks and other financial institutions feel the need to keep good honest people from earning money for the things they love to do.   This can be anywhere from starting a business, raising capital funds for new equipment, to start a community program, to help pay for family medical bills, family vacations, even celebrities are getting into the act.
Once you have identified what you want to use the funds for, you can go to a site like, ,, or any of the sites like them.  Next, write down what you want and why.  People respond to campaigns that are truthful and honest.   Next plug in a video to further explain your project.  Do not forget to thank them in advance. 
Lastly, once you filled out the necessary forms, it is now time to promote your newly created campaign.  One thing you want to do it promote it on as many social media sites as possible, being careful of spamming.  Tell family and friends is another way of promotions. Sponsorship is another way of getting the word across, but you cannot be affiliated with the sponsor in any way. If you want to learn how to pitch to someone, I highly recommend this program called Pitch the Media Like a Pro.  It is a no nonsense way to learn how to pitch to people to get sponsorship like the professionals.
Give crowdfunding a try and who knows, it could also help launch your freelance writing career.

Be blessed my friend.

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