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"I" Prompts: Your next challenge

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Since I changed the blog title, I am invoking other changes.  Friday's will be fun prompt night.  so if you are stuck, I hope I can help you get from unstuck.  So, for today first of I hope many challenges (and I will try to post them earlier next week).   So put on your favorite pair of PJ's, go into your favorite part of your domain, close the door, unplug (but not for this prompt), pour your favorite beverage that is non-alcoholic (Note:  Alcohol clouds the senses, and you cannot think clear). Here is your challenge:

  1. Write at least one of the following prompts:
    1. I was...
    2. I am...
    3. I think...
    4. I save...
    5. I can't Imagine..
  2. 300-500 words
  3. Any style
  4. First person
  5. Make it fun
That's it.  So an example of an "I was" prompt would be...
I was having the worst week ever, when all of a sudden, a friend of mine decided that we should take a "whatever" weekend trip.   The idea behind the trip is we will drive wherever direction we want to go.  So, we decided to go out 300 miles and see where we will end up.  So the next morning, we both called in sick from our prospective employers, and started on our way.  We decided to drive west, and stopped several times alone the way.  We also decided on the trip to not do the usual things we normally do. 
Our first stop was at this quaint little shop about 20 miles from home.  I spotted it on my Ipad.  The lady of the shop was nice, and she said that half the purchases she made in the shop are from local artists who have hope to be discovered, the lease she could do was to sell their artwork.    The money is donated back to the local workshop where they did most of the creations.  I made a couple of purchases from here and was also thinking of having a few of my own pieces donated there.
After leaving the shop, we stopped for breakfast.  When we take trips, we usually stop at a McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, or some other “chain” restaurant.  This time we decided to stop at a “mom and pop” diner along the way.  I have heard of a diner that the chef Guy Fiery visited on his Diners, Drive-in, and Dives show, and I knew it was in the area, so we stopped in.  The place was exactly what I imagine it to be, and the food was amazing, except for the eggs.  I did not like the way my eggs were cooked, so I asked if it would be possible for the eggs to be re-cooked, and they did it.   After sitting for a minute longer, we paid for our meal, and left.  So far this “Whatever” trip of ours was a blast.  
We stopped a few more times, each place we “accidently” ran into, the shops, the eating places, and the little known facts were getting more interesting than ever.  When we reached the end of our 300 mile trek from our homes, we rested and spent all day Saturday in the place where we planted ourselves.   Sunday came, and I wanted to go to church to thank God for getting us here, and to take us back safely home.  The service was wonderful, we got to introduce ourselves, told the congregation our story, and enjoyed the rest of the service.   The minister asked us to come to the front of the church, and he laid hands on us to bless us back to our home. 
So, what was a horrible week for me, turned out to be the most amazing trip I had with my friend.  It was a beautiful weekend.  Thank you, hubby for taking me away.

This is a example, but you come up with what you want.
I am going to leave it at that.  You have a blessed evening.
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