Monday, April 14, 2014

It’s our anniversary….

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Today, I share in an anniversary like know other.   I celebrated my 97th anniversary today.   OK, for those who have been following my blog posts on My Ambiance Life (formally known as My Blessed life) know that I was born in 1964, so how is it possible for me to celebrate a 97th anniversary, unless it has been 97 months since something in my life happened, or 97 days.  But 97 years?   How could that be possible?   Well let me explain…
It has been 97 years since a woman named Grace E. Steward gathered a group of children from the neighborhood for bible study, which eventually became Clair United Methodist Church, a church that I proudly attend and an active member of.  Most churches cannot say that, in fact many are closing.  I will not dwell on that fact, but it is true. My family has been a member of this church since my father retired from the Air Force in 1979.  
The service was wonderful.  Each year, a committee is formed, plans are made, the church put on its most festive dress (meaning we decorate it), an anniversary choir is formed, dinner is catered and food is served, and a guest preacher comes to speak.  This year, a former pastor of ours came to give the sermon, and it was beautifully done.  He and his family were there when my family joined the church some 37 years ago.  I withheld their names, because I did not get permission to publish the family name ahead of time.  I am like that.
There was another day celebrated in the life of the church.  It was one week, so long ago, that Jesus rode in on a donkey, people spread coats and palm branches on the road, and people waved palm branches in the air and shouted, “Hosanna”, “Hosanna” to him.  It had to have been a wonderful time.  What my church did today was the choir walked in with palm leaves, singing, formed a cross, and our pastor blessed the leaves.   It was time of a day of celebration.
Since the choir I sing in normally sings on the 2nd Sunday of each month, we elected to be the anniversary choir as well.  We invited the other choirs to have members sing in the anniversary choir as well.  What sadden me is that no one from the children’s choir sung in the choir.  Children are a vital part of the church, because it is sign that the church will continue on after the adults die.  Another thing that had me upset yesterday, was my choir president got upset and walked out before I got there.  The reason was that no one was there on time to rehearse, so she took it as a sign that no one was serious enough to practice.  In my personal defense, I was on the freeway going towards the church.  I am sorry that she had to get upset about it.  

In spite of the problems, we had a good day, today, and I would not trade it in for all the jelly beans in the world.  The lesson here it to celebrate the good times, muddle through the bad times, and celebrate some more.  It is a lesson, no matter what your age, gender, and race, sexually orientation, lifestyle, or belief can do, and take stock in.  No matter what you go through celebrate the life of a person, place, or idea.  I also had a chance of  attending the rededication/open house of my high school a few weeks ago, signed up to be part of alumni boosters club, and now I am preparing for a craft bazaar in a couple of weeks.   Nervous?  You bet but it will all be worth it, I am glad to help if it means a future doctor is in the works.

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