Monday, April 21, 2014

It’s never been about the Easter Bunny…

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Happy Easter.  I know you are reading it late, but I have been busy today.  My schedule went like this:
12 Mid:  going with my mom to hunt for the nephew (18), who did not show up at the place of meeting. He called while we were in route to my house, and said come get him or he will walk.   Not good at midnight, when you are an African American young male, who is wonderful, but to the cops, you spell bad news when you are out this late.
1 am:  took bath, very relaxing, and very soothing.
2 am:  played Candy Crush.
3 am:  bed
7:30 am- Mom called to wake me up (I cannot never remember to get a new alarm clock)
9:30 am – enjoying breakfast at church
10 am:  Services.  Three people joined the family of Clair UMC (United Methodist Church), including a visitor from last Sunday.  The pastor preached a good sermon about what happened after Jesus rose.  Sermon text Matthew 28:1-10; 16-20.  Her title:  Because He lives.
1 pm: meeting with youth/young adult leader.  We are planning a youth rally for next weekend.  Wish that more people would have stayed for the meeting.   At least they know when to be present next weekend.
2 pm:  at the parent’s home eating dinner.  I never cook on Sunday, so Easter Sunday is just ordinary eat at the parent’s house for me. 
I can go on, and on about my day, such as we went to see my brother and his family after dinner,   gave youngest nephew (3) his Easter Basket, which was a cute, light blue, Longaberger Spring Basket sold as this year’s Easter basket (great call to the Longaberger decision team, love selling for this company).  Mommy filled it full of goodies:  Chocolate bunny and cross, lollipops (his favorite), an ambulance, two books, and two outfits.   His cousin got the same thing, except she got a pink basket, and some socks in the place of the outfits (I do not think that you can fit a 5 year old’s dress in an Easter basket.)
Yesterday, there were egg hunts throughout the city, and just like Christmas, it is not about the candy, the eggs, the gifts in the baskets, although nice, the holiday is about family and the one who rose from the dead to save us from our sins…Jesus.  I know there are believers who will be reading this, as well as non-believers, but I am speaking to everyone, and I am glad that there is one who saved me from my sins.  There is no other to me.

That shows me how much Jesus cares for me.  Yes, he could have come down from the cross to save himself, but he did not, and that to me is a great Easter present.     


  1. Patricia, Thanks so much for visiting Counting My Blessings and leaving a comment. You're absolutely right . . . it is all about Jesus and His love. Enjoy a blessing-filled weekend.

  2. Deb- Thanks for reading this post. May God bless you as well.


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