Thursday, May 15, 2014

All the world is a stage….

Where are the sensitive-acting people?   This is my question for this week.  I have said that after writing about Abby Lee Miller that I was done with writing about celebrities.  I leave it to the experts.   This one however, intrigued me.
By now, unless you are living under a rock, to which I wish I was on this story, have heard about the whole Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Solange elevator story.   But in case you have not, let me bore you a bit…
It seems that these three attended some after party for a mega-event.  You know the type, you go to be seen, take a few pictures, and hob-knob a bit; drink, and take a few
selfies alone the way.  Hey, if you are under 18, at least your parents know where you are or not supposed to be.  I am picturing Blue Ivy doing this in the future.
Anyway… the mega-couple and sis get into the elevator to go home, alone with Bey’s bodyguard, and Solange goes at it on Jay-Z like he just took that very last piece of chocolate on the whole planet.   Bey is just standing there, but soon steps in the middle.
My take on the situation…
What was going on in Solange’s head?  She should have taken that home.  I hope she realizes that every time Bey and Jay-Z breathe and make a move, the paparazzi are there to invade their world.
Who taught her those moves?  I wonder if she have any resentment towards her parents getting a divorce, having a baby brother who is not her mom’s, if that has to do with it.
I can understand Bey not wanting to get in the middle of the situation.  Solo (as some people like to call her) have some moves that can not only put an eye out, but can permanently paralyze a person, if you are not careful.  I can understand why she left with Solange as well.  She probably told Jay-Z that she will go to try to calm Solange down, then come home.
Folks, this is clearly a family squabble and all families go through it.  Please do not act like this is the first time you have seen this type of behavior.  Chuck up this behavior to
·         Too many drinks (possible)
·         Too high (also possible)
·         She saw Jay-Z hitting up on another woman (also still possible)
·         And bringing up old baggage that should have left a long time ago.
These are the things I heard…
·         Solange erased all references of Bey from Instagram, Facebook, and her phone except one photo.
·         Bey and Jay-Z were seen at a basketball game, smiling, laughing, and he even had his hand on her knee (Awww)
·         Someone took a photo at that same B-ball game, and noticed that a certain tat (tattoo) was missing from Bey’s finger where Jay-Z used to be (Wendy Williams reference)
·         The media keeps making a big deal out of it.

So boys and girls, I am going to leave it at that, and I will go back to my original question:  Where are all the sensitive-acting people?   They are NOT in Hollywood I can tell you that much right now. 


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