Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random thoughts-May 28, 2014

photo by P.Lynne Designs-
New Courthouse, Downtown Columbus
These are my random thoughts for today.  This is actually the first time in a long time I have written this way.  My thought process is usually the following:

  • Plan a topic for a blog (I STILL have 5 blogs)
  • Write my thoughts in Ms Word.  although there are other softwares out there, I enjoy the ease of Microsoft products, even though I do not always agree with the way the company handles things, which is often cold and a little underhanded, like Google and a couple more companies I can think of in the technology world.
  • Edit what I wrote and research to make sure my facts are straight.  This is a little backwards sometimes.  If I am writing for someone else, I will write and research at the same time, but for me, I kind of get it backwards.   This post is not one of those reseachy (is that a word, Google spell check hates it, I am leaving it), post.
  • Finally, I place pictures and other things in it.   I learned a valuable lesson  last year.  Always, always, always (how many times I have to say "always") document where you found the image, even it if came from your own camera/phone you pushed the button type image.   Reason:  R-E-S-P-E-C-T and authenticity.  Respect for the person who took it (you may have to event ask permission to use said photo-more on that later), and you would want to someone to do the same for your images.  As I grow more and more as a business person and artist, the less and less I want to just look in Google's library.   I know this because of what the musician, Prince did for his own music.  There is a post waiting on another blog, so you will either have to Google it or wait until I post my thoughts on the subject on royalties.
I had a wonderful time at my aunt and uncle's house over the weekend.  I have not seen my cousin, who lives in Indianapolis, IN in years, nor the friends I made in Detroit.  Me and my parents went to help celebrate my uncle's 70th birthday.  I met a new cousin (well, she is not so new-11 months old).  I did fell a little left out for a moment.  If anyone has read my post on May 7, 2012 (Yikes that long ago), I talked about being single and childless on a Monday morning (see actual title and post Here ), well, I had one of those moments on Memorial Day, and I had to remove myself from everyone else.  So I went to the porch and prayed.  My mother decided (or God showed her) that I was gone for a bit, and came to the porch.   I did not want to talk about it, but found myself discussing it anyway, and before I knew it, she actually for a second, accused me for trying to ruin the last few moments of my little get-away.   I quickly corrected her, and said that it was nothing like that at all, and it wasn't.   I explained that I felt like that I was blessed with so many things, including having the children who are in my life, BUT they are not mine to tuck into bed each night, sing to them, hug them, and invoke my wisdom as a mom should.  I am doing from an aunt's or cousin's Point of View, and that never should take the place of what a mom gives her child, which was missing in my life.  I feel blessed to be a part of their lives and to be working on building my business.   In the state of Ohio, I have 4 more years to adopt (I will be 50 in July), and I have wanted to be a mom since I was in my 20's.  Mom, then informed me that I should never count out what else that God has in store for me, which may include being able to still get married and to adopt.  I hold on to that promise.  It gets a little lonely in this condo of mine.

Finally, I leave you with this note:  do not take your blessings for granted.  You may or may not get to the point, where you say that you have made it, and that you have arrived, because there is always room to grow.  Sure we all may want the latest and greatest gadgets, the best technology you can afford, but is it all worth it at the end of the day?  I think that I can truly say that I have a ways to go and grow.  I still need to do somethings that will mentally and physically prepare me for motherhood in her 50's. Most people tell me to stay where I am at, but they can only say it, because they have children, but I wish that they would for once see it from my point of view.  I don't have a fur baby, which to me is a lot less work (no talk back from the unhappy charges, or paying for college tuition), but to others, it yields the same results, which is I am taking care of someone in addition to myself.

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