Monday, May 19, 2014

Call of Jury Duty

We all had days where we don’t want to do things that dis-please us.  In America, we are a society of people, who take pleasure in doing things with passion. It doesn’t if it our favorite hobbies, a career we have always dreamed of doing, or even robbing a bank, we take pride in doing it.  That does not mean that others enjoy watching the criminal.
So, what does that have to do with jury duty?  I do not take pleasure in deciding the fate of another human being.  I realize it is my civil duty as a member and citizen of this country, but, the person in question has not done anything to me, nor my family and friends.  Call me a softy?  Hardly.  I am sure that whatever this person has done, God is not pleased, but on the other hand, this person could have been innocent, but society decided that he/she/it looks like somebody or something they have seen before. 

So what happen, and how did I get selected?

Unless you are a criminal, non-citizen, or a child, you may have already been selected, your name just has not come up.   My pastor has been three times.  If your name does come up, you have a choice to make.  If you have a problem, such as your employee not paying you for serving your civil duty, you may be able to get out of it.  There are excuses you can come up with.  I will explain later. 
Back in March, I received a green piece of paper with instructions on how to park, where to park at the county courthouse, and so forth.  I thought I was being sued, because I never received the first piece of paper, the official piece of paper.  I ignored it, and decided to tackle it after I got back from San Antonio, TX.  When I checked my mail, I was told that either go, reschedule, or pay a fine (yes, boys and girls, they fine you if you do not acknowledge that you have received the OFFICIAL piece of paper.)
So I sent an OFFICIAL piece of email stating that I have not received it, and to reschedule, and I gave the dates that I will be available.  (After all, I am a business person).  They gave me May 19 to reappear (as if I was a criminal), and I was allowed to reschedule one time.  So I started rearranging my schedule so I would not have any excuses to miss.

So here I am at the present time…

 ….and I am sitting at Scrambler Marie's.   Why?  I have excuse from the jury manager.   I got up, ran late, got lost in the county courthouse and their parking garage (who told Franklin county, Ohio to build this many courthouses?). The jury manager handed me the rules and regs paper of being a jury member, and I looked over it.  Even though it is your civil duty to be a member of the jury, they do not want to denial your right as a private citizen, and keep you from earning your keep as an entrepreneur.  Yes, my business got me out of jury duty.  I went back to the jury manager, told her that I owned a business that earned a commission based on sales, and she asked me for a business card.   I handed it to her, she stapled it to my OFFICIAL piece of paper, and I was on my way.

So what am I doing with the rest of my day?  Exercising my rights as a business owner, and working, like a BOSS!

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