Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep Good Going: Inspire someone today

You are probably wondering what the title means by keep a good thing going.   Part of it means you have a dream, like the example in the above video tells of a man who always wanted a son to play ball,  He probably saw little league, trophies, and maybe even a scholarship or two being offer from colleges across the country, and this son of his would end in the big leagues.   He got his wish...with his daughter.  He and his wife took her to practices of throwing a ball, not ballet, tap, or piano.   He even explains that he and his wife got her the pitching coaches and she in turn got them the championship.

This story is not about his dream but the daughter's dream.  It probably started out with the man talking to his daughter, explaining to her that she can be whatever she wanted to be, if she put her mind to it, and practice at it.

I felt the same way about my eldest nephew.  I do not have kids of my own, but I have 3 nephews and 1 niece.  I treat each one of them like my own, especially the oldest.    My dream for him was the same as the man in the video, my nephew Mike to do what ever he has the heart and soul to do what makes him happy.  He was an excellent pitcher (dropped out of baseball a couple years ago due to his age), he draws, and he is great at the computer and skateboarding.  I suspect that one day, he may become an engineer or a web designer, because he has helped me out of many a jam with this computer I am typing on.  In turn , I am giving my nephew something to practice on and perfect.   I try to inspire any young person who have dreams and to go after them ,  This is what is means to have a good thing going.

So I am asking all of you out there to do something for someone that helps them get motivated to go after their dream, rather it is to be the best doctor, lawyer, web designer or sports person.  everyone deserves a chance.

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