Friday, November 2, 2012

I am not sure what happened... my personal week in review

I originally had a blog post talking about my day, and I may redo it at some point, but it mystically disappeared from my posts.  This was the first time it happened, and I hope it was the last.  I had one person post it as a +1 on Google plus.  I had gotten finished with the third part of it, and I could not find part 2.   Strange.  But I do know one thing, If this keeps up, me and Blogger may have to part ways with this blog too.   There are so many things I want to talk about and do, and I cannot have anything like this happen again.


There comes a time in one's life when you have to re-evaluate some things.  One of them is finances.  Now, I am not one of those people who beg for funds, but I need an outlet, and two years ago, I started hearing about affiliates and how they can help your business grow.   I know I do not have a lot of traffic on my blogs, but every time I apply, I get approved for affiliates.   I would love it if someone who looks at my blogs also look at my affiliates to see if there is anything you would like to buy.  Just look, that all. After all, it is the holidays, and presents need to be gotten and bought.   Just one little look, and I promise I will not tell the person you bought it from where you got that perfect present.


Have you appreciated someone lately?   I did, I appreciate my pastor.  October was Pastor's appreciation month at my church.  Nothing big, the lay speakers took her and her family out to dinner Wednesday afternoon at Olive Garden.  I am not a lay speaker, but I am the daughter of one.  My mom is one, and this is the month that she is liturgist. we had fun.  My sister wrote on Facebook that no one told her about it.  Well she would known if she had been at church Sunday.  That just the breaks,lol.

Appointments... (oh my, I sense a pattern of words, all starting with app, LOL)

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday (before going to dinner), and she told me I was 10 pounds over my BMI (Body mass index).  Ok, this is the first time she has scolded me for doing so, so now, I have to watch what I eat.  I tell you, it is all of this self employment thing I am doing, LOL.  If I do not finish something that I want to finish, I will stay up all night (like I am now, LOL), and take care of it.  If I am hungry, I will eat.   I need to change my habit.  Anyway, I was sick as well, because I had a flu shot, and this is the first time I got sick from it.  I feel better now.

Last item, Young and The Restless...

Do you watch this?  I do...sadly.  I have been watching it since 1997, and I am hooked.  I have some thoughts on the subject:  They need to get rid of the following people; Victor (yes I know he makes the show, but come on now, does he have to to be so cold), Jack (the feud has to end), Adam (no comment), Sharon (a clepto and a Arsonist, good choice writers), Nick (Gold-digger, but I am glad he finally said no to his father), Nikki (no comment), and Kevin (never liked him).  I am not writing them off just yet, because this soap has new writers, so it will be interesting to see how each character is in the future.  For those who do watch and wondering why I did not mention Phyllis, well, she is a basket case, and interesting to watch.

What is your take on the subjects I wrote about? I am in this challenge to write something everyday for the next 30 days.  so what do you want me to cover during this challenge?   I am staying away from the following subjects:  the election and anything that have already been written about already in this blog.  Fair enough?   Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. I agree with you on the Y&R points. Yup, I watch not everyday but every now and then I get sucked in. Good luck on your 30-days writing challenge. Keep plugging away, your blog will grow


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