Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 4: Be at peace with yourself and with God

Early Saturday morning I was very upset.  I thought that the problem that I had this past week was solved, but it wasn't.  I am not going to dwell on what happened, that is not the point.  The point I am going to touch on briefly is what happened next.  As I stared this problem on my computer screen, I started blaming.  I blamed people may have been involved, without even point specific fingers at any one individual.  I started blaming myself for the situation, and I could not go to bed.   Have you ever been in that type of situation?   Of all things, I brought it up on Facebook of all places, then I cried for a half an hour.  Now I feel like I a heel.  It was only a few hours I thought of this post.  I kept hearing, "be at peace with yourself, just correct the situation, and move one from there."
That is exactly what I am trying to do right now, but I also asked for forgiveness from God, because yes, He was named in the situation.  I asked for that forgiveness, and help me get to the point of me again.  So Monday evening, I need to make some phone calls, and write an email of apology for my actions, which in a way was not my fault.   But I am not going to name names because Of policy.
So what to do if you are in this type of situation.  simple?

  • If you believe,pray.  I am not going to sugar coat it if you are an atheist, I am speaking to believers.  ask for forgiveness from God.  Ask for help in the situation.   
  • Do not post to Facebook, Twitter, or any social media, UNLESS it will help someone.   You do not have to mention the situation like I doing now.  If you have a diary, write it there if you have to.  Otherwise forget about it.
  • Ask for solutions to the problem.  You can post that, and who knows, God may send an angel to your rescue.  
  • Finally find so way to help you relax for a few hours.  I finally went to sleep, looked at my emails, and me and mom went to 2 malls.   I feel better, but the problem is still there until Monday evening, because it is the weekend.

I hope this helps you, and be blessed.

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