Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: Blessed quietness

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It is quiet now.  The only thing that is making a noise is me tapping on the keys of this keyboard, and me signing every once in a while.  Yes, I know it is a constant sound that I hear since I am single, but even single people have noises to deal with.   Here are my noises through the day:

All of my neighbors smoke and I am the only one of the 4-condo complex who does not.  I have one neighbor who goes outside, sits in her chair and studies.  She is a college student and is studying to be a nurse or some sort of a health assistant.  I hear her on the phone and can tell when she is outside, because the smoke travels from the garage to my back door and through my kitchen.  Who says that smoke does not travel.
Another neighbor has dogs, and when they hear something, they bark.  They now can tell the difference between me getting into my car, and other noises.  It is a great deterrent if I am in here, and I hear them barking.  That means someone is coming and it better be my parents.
My phone, especially now, because they want to make sure that I go vote early.  I decided not to, because I have a wonderful place across the street that I can go vote at Tuesday.  very few people will show up there because it is at the clubhouse in an apartment complex.  I go there during the day (hooray for self employment), and I am gone by the time people who work outside of the home get there to vote.  Sometimes it is my sister, who has no car, but wants me to take her someplace, so I go there to pick her and her two kids up and we go to where  she need to go (not this Monday though).
The television is another noise.  I have shut it off for the morning.
All of this means I can think without interruption.  Now I feel I must get interrupted one more time.  I am starting to yawn, my bottom hurts from sitting, and I have the need to sit on the porcelain throne.  I will talk to you later.
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