Saturday, November 9, 2013

Guest Bloggers R Us

Today, I am taking a break from journaling blogging for Blogher, because for one, there is not prompt for today. (And the last one I just posted a few hours ago because I was late.)  Anyway, I am on here to introduce a Guest blogging post.   I did it before, and the results were not so great.   I gave my requirements, and people gave me posts that were not right for my blogs.   I went ahead and published them anyway.   One post I got like over a hundred hits, because it talked about internet marketing, something I never covered, except in a two month old blog that never amounted to anything.   Are people that interested in making money on the web, I asked myself.  
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Anyway, this time, I went on Blog Linkup to request guest blogging for the holidays.   These reason is clear, we all need encouragement and a little plug in our lives, and I hope to do that for all 5 of my blogs.  
So if you want to submit something, let me know through my email address, (subject:  Guest blog) with your idea, or if you are or want to be a Facebook friend (TriciaLynn Logan) or through Twitter (DM @tricia721).
The next post is by Tim Torkildson.   I hope you like it, and show him some blogging love by going to his blog and follow him.  I will have rules for guest blogging on a separate page.

Be Blessed, my friend


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