Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

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They say that you are what you eat and at the moment, and I am trying to atone from my former 1-2-donuts-a week-on-second-give-me-fried-anything-as-long-as-I-have-chocolate self.   It is a hard habit to break, and some days I am successful, while other days, forget it.   I am a lot better than what I was for a lot of reasons.  That confession is for a later post.  For now, let me tell you about my fridge.
Food item #1:  Almond and soy milk.   I love milk, but I have learned to love the vegan forms of milk, soy, and almond.   Now I am one of those people who, let’s face it will never be totally vegan.  I was raised a meat eater and will die a meat eater, period.   But I also believe in never say never, and I will say that I love both of these milks.   I still get the dairy kind, because I need my liquid cream for my coffee (flavored), and I love authentic chocolate milk.   There is nothing better than authentic chocolate vitamin D milk.  Whole milk and all.
Food item #2:  Veggies.   I am now eating more fruits and vegetables.   I had a period of time where I could not and would not eat vegetables.   I think it was because I was now living on my own, and I basically said screw it to what my parents taught me, but for some reason, it kind of bit me back.   For one reason, and I really do not fault my parents on it, but I ate a lot of canned veggies in my life.   I started reading about what happens to a person who does not have a balanced meal.   I have now learned to love fresh veggies.
Food item #3:  Cheese.  I love cheese, and it is one of the food habits that me and my father share (seafood, chitterlings, pig’s feet, and hot sauce are other food loves).  We have both learned to eat this stuff in moderation (the pork products), so it is a once a year treat now.
Food item #4:  Condiment bottles:   I have too many.  Enuf (enough) said.   I need to pair them down.
Food item #5:  Meatballs.   Last night, well yesterday, I took them out of the freezer and thought I would cook the whole package.   This is what I am talking about.  The butcher who carefully and lovingly made these meatballs, need to make meatballs for a person of one.   Twelve meatballs are enough for 2 people.  This is what’s wrong with the country.   It is not what’s in the stuff (like meatballs), it is the portion size.   Now I do not mind breaking down a larger package to get two meals out of it, but they do not make it so you can break down things such as meatballs.   So now I have to cook the other half of the package.   It is all about portion control.   No, I did not have to buy the package, but there are very few products out there for a person of one, because the food producers want you to believe that you can eat for two.  It is not right.
So you see, this is my fridge, and I love going grocery shopping.   What I did not talk about was the sushi that I ate two weeks before, or the chocolate that I buy once a month (down from 5 times a month ).   My doctor tells me that I am allowed to eat things in moderation, and as long as they are done that way, I am a happy non-vegan with vegan ways.

Be blessed my friends

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