Thursday, November 14, 2013

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

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Well, well, well, it looks like Blogher is running with a theme.   It is a challenge that I am willing to take.  I answered the question in my last post, which was published moments ago with my favorite hour, and they are asking me if I am a morning person or night owl.   Well, I am a night owl.   Whoooo!  Whoooo!  I would leave it at that answer and this would be the end of my post, but for some reason I do not like short posts.  So with that, I will give you my reasons for being a night owl other than what I said in the last post….
1.      No phone.   After all, no one calls me at night, except my sister who thinks I am asleep.  Since she now has a job at that time of night, I do not hear from her.
2.      I get uninterrupted bouts of time with Candy Crush.   Ok, see there is this thing called, “numbing the mind,” and I like a moment of that. 
3.      Infomercials.   I would like to give a shout out to AT&T U-Verse for this one.  1/3 infomercial, 1/3 interactive (Which I have not tried, because I am afraid of that extra charge that I got from Time Warner Cable), the rest, taped shows.
4.      Bejeweled Blitz.   See #2.
5.      Facebook, Twitter, and the rest.   If you are not careful, you can spend lots of uninterrupted time posting about stuff.   Can someone answer my question about what to expect on my first Disney Cruise or tag me for this silly answer game going around?   I am not really begging.   No, really.
Last week, I actually cleaned my house at 2 am.   Who does that?  Oh yeah, people like me.    Even when I was working out of the home, I would go to bed at 1 am to get up at 6 am for a 9 am job.   Who does that?  Ok, the night owl.  
Do not judge me, for I might become the opposite when I get old and grey.   I heard of something like that.  I am only 49, so I have a ways to go before that happens, if it happens.   For now, I will enjoy my night owl ways, while every once in a while rise with the chickens (as my grandmother used to do), and grab my cup of coffee or stronger, and pretend like I love getting up.   It is the least I can do for you morning people.
So who are you, morning person, or night owl?    I just need one simple answer.   I am taking a survey.    This is your writing assignment for tonight.

Be blessed, my friend, whoever you are.

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