Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 2: Who is your favorite character of all time?

OK, it is day 2, and I am playing catch-up.   I submitted my blog post for Friday just a couple hours ago, and now I am running.  Today’s prompt ask me what my favorite character of all time is.  
First of all, I hate to admit it, but I am a big Disney fan.   Yes, I am that big kid people have warned you about, lol.   Disney is not the only one with characters.   I have lots of characters that I love for different reasons, but real and fiction.  So I am not going to name my all-time favorite character.  I am going to name my favorite characters, both real and fiction.   Let’s start with the fiction:
In Disney, I love Minnie Mouse.   The reason is she is fun, cute, and she is going after her man (Mickey Mouse) no matter what.   She may get mad at him for a minute, but she loves him anyway. (What woman (Ummm mouse) wouldn’t?) She does get annoyed with her girlfriends (Daisy duck and Clarabelle Cow), but does not stay mad long.
Next there is Princess Tiana.  First she was determined to open her restaurant, willing to work two or three jobs.   When they said no, she was trying to find a way to get that building, when she was thrown into an unusual situation:  kissed a frog and was turned into one herself.   She overcame voodoo, an idiot prince, and the like to not only get her business but to change that prince as well.
OK, this next person is going to age me a bit, but I will assure you that I am not that old.   I choose The Bionic Woman’s Jaime Somers for this one.   (Yes, I am at least 45, LOL).  Look at this:   you go on a date, have an accident that have you plummet from the sky, only to be told that you cannot hear out of one ear, use one arm and cannot walk one minute, then given technology to help you do the impossible the next.   I call that strength and courage to tenth degree.   I have to give it to the acting talent of Lindsay Wagner, who did not want to see Jaime become some ditzy woman.  She wanted Jaime to have a purpose in life, and not just go on some stupid mission for OSI, but to make a difference in someone’s life.   This is the reason why I did not like the 2007’s version of the show.   It ruined the reason why Ms. Wagner fought to have her version of Jaime the way she was.   Bright, smart, and cheerful, not bitter and dumb.
OK, I have a few moment for the real people, so let’s go…
Ruth and Naomi:  two woman in the bible who did not deal with each other after Naomi’s son and husband were killed.  They could have gone their separate ways, but God brought them together, and Ruth was more than just a daughter in law to Naomi, but a true daughter.   They teach you that family does not have to be blood, and after Ruth marries Boaz, Naomi is still in her life.
Mary, the mother of Jesus:   This was a teenager who was told by god that she was to have a son, without, I repeat, without getting married.   This is why I do not talk down to single mothers, because when Mary gave birth to Jesus, she was not married, and God choose her anyway.   A person should not judge any woman who decides to become a mother, no matter what the situation is.
If you notice my favorite characters, they are all female and they have endured.  It does not matter if they are playful (Minnie), resourceful and strong (Jaime, Princess Tiana, Ruth and Naomi), or was in God’s favor (Mary), these are all characters that I would love to see more of in me.   I may have not have dated a mouse, granted super-human strength, dealt with the loss of family, turned into something I wasn’t, or given birth to someone greater than myself, but these are strengths that I most admire.

So who is your favorite character or do you have a group of characters you can draw from?   Comment below and be blessed my friend.

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