Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Have No Heart for Christmas.

I have no heart for Christmas, tho snow is dusting sweet
Up and down the silent town, whitening the street.
For I am all but homeless; my wages are reduced.
What be the treat if I must meet my friends in rags unspruced? 

I have no heart for Christmas, for jolly present giving.
It’s been a year of shifts austere; I’ve been through quite a sieving.
The government spreads folly, the people whine and slink.
Corruption stands in many lands, refreshed with food and drink.

I have no heart for Christmas; its meaning is concealed
By bearded guys in cheap disguise with candy canes congealed.
Better to forget about the chants and boundless junk
For tawdry sale through hill and dale – I’d rather be a monk.

I have no heart for Christmas – but stay!  What’s this I feel?
Kindled slow but like a blow from some great bell’s first peal.
My heart is but an organ; it cannot stop the Spirit
Of Joy sublime this Christmastime, if I but choose to rear it!  

About the author:  Tim Torkildson is an editor of online websites, including Scripture Poetry.  

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