Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 5: If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

Pick a name.  Any name.    Photo from Google images.
What is in a name that is so sweet?   Ok, I am not exactly quoting Shakespeare, but it is a line in the play Romeo and Juliet.   (I switched the word “tis” for the words “that is.” ) I have never been big on the thee and thu) (or the spelling apparently).   Anyway, Blogher has thrown me a curve ball on this one.
Switch my name?  Who me?
I had to learn to love my name.  Back in the 1970’s, there were so many girls named Patricia, until one 7th grade English teacher of mine, named Mrs. Toth, had to call me “Logan”, when she wanted my undivided attention.   No Patty (we were all Patties it seemed), and to call me “Tricia” (which by the way is my preferred nickname now) was unheard of.    If you call me Pat or Patsy (a name which one neighborhood family insisted on calling me) I may have to resort to violence in the worst way.   I do not like neither nickname.
Does anyone remember an SNL skit where a person named Pat was a featured character?  You did not know if it was a man or a woman.  I felt like that come mail time, because once a month, I would get the iconic, “Mr. Pat Logan” mail.   I would mumble to myself, does this person know that I am and will always be a woman?
For most women (and girls) named Patricia, you got one of two middle names, Lynn or Ann.  My middle name is Lynn (spelled with no “e”), at least that is what I thought most women named Patricia had for a middle name.   I have a friend, whose name is Patricia Lynell. (Well, it was close to Lynn).  Mom said she loved the name Lynn, so she had to come up with the iconic name to fit Lynn.  Well, she had two boy names that she and my father agreed to, Reginald and Ronald.   I could have been a Regina Lynn or a Ronalda Lynn, but she did not think of it that way.
So let’s address me switching my name….
Given all of these elements that I felt had troubled my name, I really do not have a true reason to switch my name.   I love playing with my name.  My sister’s name is Schaundra, (Pronounced like Chandra) given to her by her biological mother (I am my parent’s only biological child).  My brother was named after my father when he was adopted.   So I cannot be a Sydney (female spelling of the Sidney (my father’s spelling)).    I could have been a Latricia, but I would have to congratulate my uncle and his ex-wife for naming their eldest daughter that name.   He forgot that I was a Pa-Tricia.  I guess calling me Patti or Lynn all those years did not click in their heads, since people in South do name their daughters Patty.  
If you really want to push the issue, I like the names Mariah, Tamara, and Maranda.  Those are the names I have reserved for my daughter, should I get to adopt.   I also like the name Sidnea (pronounced Sid-ne-a) and Imani.  My niece has an interesting name, Nine’na.  (Pronounced like it is spelled.)  
No, I have grown to ask people to call me Tricia, and not too many people named Patricia who can ask others to call them that.   It means noble, and that is good enough for me.  So what is your desired name to switch to?   Comment below.

Be blessed my friend, no matter what your name is.

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