Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is your favorite hour of the day?

I am behind a day, so I am blessing you with two posts.  I am still dealing with my heater, and the repair person is working on it as I am writing the first of two posts.  I spent the night with my parents in a nicely, toasty, warm bed. Brrr, it is cold in here.  Hummm, tonight I may have to pretend that my heater is out again tonight, so I can spend one more night, before my sister and her daughter commodores the bed on Saturday night.
Anyway, yesterday, Blogher asked the question, “What is your favorite hour of the day?”   I will say without a doubt that it is nighttime.   Here’s why:
I work at home.  My family as a whole, thinks that work at home means you can drop whatever you are doing, and see to their needs.   Here is one thing you may not know about me:  I have no husband, no partner, and no children.   In other words, I am single.   Working at night reduces that need to getting mad at them for asking, and I can still do the things I want and need to do, which includes making things for my online store on Etsy, write in my blogs, or advertise in the different venues online to name a few.   
Do I get sleep?   Yes I do, and so far I wake up between 7-11 am, depending on what I have to do the next day.   Last night, despite the fact I was spending the night with my parents, I brought my work with me.   I sat in the guest bedroom and made 10 pocket pages for a mini book.   I will decorate later.   The parents were asleep, and I was in my element, even though I did not have everything with me.   No, I do not get my adequate amount of sleep.  The average American does not get that 6-8 hours of sleep needed.
I also do things during the day.  After all, the day is when businesses are awake, and I have to deal with it.   I need services too, like for instance, I cannot call the heating repair person to come at 1 am.   My friends value sleep, so I cannot call them to do something at 3 am.  So I have things when it is convenient for everyone else.   I am better than I was 6 months ago.   During that time, I basically stayed up until 6 am, and went to bed.  Suffered on Sunday, because church service was at 10 am.  That meant I had 2 hours of sleep.   All of a sudden, January 2013, I had that sudden urge to go to bed at 11 pm, and it lasted until April 2013.   Now, I am back to my nighttime ritual, but it ends at 3 am, unless I had coffee or something that was pressing on my mind, and then it 4 am.   I am working on going to bed no later than 1 am.
So what is your favor hour?   This is your writing assignment if you choose to take it.   Comment below if you want to spill the beans, or keep it to yourself.   

Be blessed my friend.     

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