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If you are going to play with the big boys, you will need the big boys' toys....

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I have been blogging, writing about blogging, and doing all the things that a person needs to make money.  That's fine, I enjoy it.  I got started this way....

I had my own personal journal, and I wrote in it everyday.  It did not matter what I was writing about, I  just wrote.  I would write even when I did not feel like writing.  Most days, it just relaxed me, much like a book relaxes me.   It did not matter if I was happy, sad, congratulated myself for something, or happy for someone else.   I just wrote.  
One day, I was just looking on the internet and ran across a site called Blogger.   it was not owned by Google at the time.   I read some of the blogs, and to me, I thought I could do better.  Some of the blogs I read, a two year old could write it, if a 2-year old could write.   So next thing you know, I was signing up for an account.    Now I was staring at this blank canvas, wondering what I was going to write about, no subject was off limits for me.   What should I call it?   I was not sure.   So I started with my name.  Patricia?  Nah, too long,  Tricia?  That's it, but I could not just leave it at Tricia.  It was too vague.   I started thinking about treasures, you know, the things you love and hold near and dear to your heart.  Things that you want to tell the world about.   Those things.   So I named the blog Tricia's Treasures.   Catchy name?   Loved it, but I found out all too quickly how catchy this name was.  Someone else already had the name, and I was upset about it.
The year before, I had a brief stint as a Website master with my nephew assisting me.   I had a website named MDN Creates, but nothing came of it, so i shut it down.  I was surprised that the website was still up, so I had the nephew close it, so I can change the name of the blog.   The URL is still the same, but with a different name on it.
I am not going to tell you the rest of the story, because some of you know it, if you have been following any of my 5 blogs, and you must be asking yourself, what is the point of this?   The point is simple:  You have to start somewhere in order to create success for yourself.   You also have to trust God as well.  Never in my wildest dreams would I be a self proclaimed freelance writer.  In fact, as I child, I hated writing.   I hated it for one reason....I could not express myself, and when I did, over half of my school papers would be marked up in red ink.  This was due to the run-on sentences, misspellings (I still rely too much on spell check), fragmented sentences, and the like.   I was more of a reader, and check out 10-20 books at the library (still do and have 20 books I just renewed two days ago, LOL)
Find your niche (subject) and learn how to do it well.   I am a crafter, I am a consultant of a direct selling company, I love Disney, I love writing, and I love to organize.   This is what fueled me into dividing the original blog into 5 different blogs.   I just kept on writing about subjects I wanted people to know about, such as my scrapbooking projects, Longaberger sales, or how to set up a coffee center. (remember my review on Dance Moms and Abby Lee Miller in 2012?) My last tip is if you want to make money on blogging, just do it.   One E-book that has helped me is called Get Famous: The Greatest Resource for Mom Bloggers by Lisa Cash Hanson.  She shows you not only how to make money with your blog, but other ways as well.   Since Lisa launched the book last year, she has launched a series called Pitch the Media like a Pro, in which she shows you in a series of videos how to market your product to the big boys (corporate sponsors) and get results.   I would not recommending material has not helped me personally.  
Finally, writing is not an easy task, but you can find an audience who either agrees with you or read your material because you have something to say.  Now everyone cannot write, and even I still struggle with that first sentence, which is the title of my subject.
I know you can write, because if that was not the case, you might not be here reading this post, or maybe you want to learn what is it to writing.  This writing of yours may not come in the form of a blog, journalism, or even creative writing, but there is a need, even if it is your own personal story for everyone to read.  Just start out by writing "Hello, my name is__________" and see where you want to go from there.  A friend started me on my way, who or what has inspiring you to start writing?
Be blessed on this day at the start of your career in this art form.
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