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To my fast food life

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The past two months, I have been a very bad girl, and I know it.  I have done something so hideous to myself in terms of my body, which words cannot explain.   I went into a cooking rut and ate a lot of fast food.
Now to those of you outside of the Western civilization, you are very lucky.  You have held on to your traditions, ate according to your ancestors, and have not caved into fat, greasy, bloated with everything to the side-type of food that Americans and others have learned to enjoy.  we pride ourselves to be able to pull up to a drive-thu window, order the Bedunkadunk combo with French fries, and the super deluxe size drink, and if we are on a diet, hold the condiments and cheese, please.  This is one of the reasons why they say we are fat, other than we are always on the go and have no time for exercise. (Guilty as charged).  Let me tell you about my weekend:

Friday was a typical day for me, so I did not eat any fast food.  Saturday was a day of a birthday party.  There is nothing wrong with going to this birthday party, because it was in the park.  Some friends of mine, fix the food, and it was homemade.  There wasn't a Mickey D's, Burger King, or Wendy's wrapper in the whole place.  The difference in a hamburger in the park that you have cooked yourself is you control how much grease is in patty itself.  I do not think that the folks in the above mentioned chains have learned that over the years.  After that, I forgot I had ordered fish from my father's fish fry.   This was a fundraiser for my dad's jazz club.  Again, no Long John Silvers or Captain D's fish, and the oil was controlled by the chef who prepared it.  Because I did eat earlier, the fish is still sitting in my fridge.  I will eat it for dinner tonight.  Sunday was a different story.  I went to church and after that, my choir went to go sing to three shut-ins, and then had dinner at Applebee's.  I split a 2 for $20 combo meal with a friend.  We had boneless Buffalo Wings for an appetizer, I had the riblette dinner and she had the penne with chicken, which we both took home.   Her sister and nephew had the spinach and artichoke dip and for the entrees, the sister had the penne with chicken and the nephew had one of the sizzling combos.   All but one had different flavored lemonades (original, strawberry (nephew) and Mango (me)); while the friend, who I split the combo with, had coffee.  I did not cook at all this weekend, but I had home cooked meals for all except one time.  That is light compared to what I usual do for fast food.
Now it is OK to eat fast food in moderation.  Experts can tell you that, but not every day.  In fact, you can make your own fast food.  Just cook and freeze.   You control what you put in the meal, and it is very healthy. Just Google "homemade fast food recipes".  (in fact, I have already done it for you.) On my blog called Simply Organized Crafts, I am started to come up with ways to simplify your home life, and that includes meal prep.  The first post from that is called "How to make your own Coffee Bar", because we have become a nation where you have to go to a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or McDonald's every morning and grab a cup from the drive-thu.  Did you know that by having a coffee bar (center) in your home, it can save you a lot of money?  It has done that for me, and if you want to make it authentic, you can even put up a menu.  No car or money needed. (Except to restock, and you do that with your regular grocery shopping).  I rarely go to these places now, except for if I am out and about or on vacation.
In closing, I have a poem that started me wanting to write this post; 

To my fast food life

One of the things I hold dear, is a deli-style sandwich with a pickle spear.
Ketchup, onion, tomato, and cheese;
Hold the lettuce if you please.
French fries, that’s a must;
Don’t forget the hamburger, or I’ll bust.
Next it’s Chinese, a favorite of mine you’ll see.
Or on to Japan, where I learned to love sushi.
Italian, Indian, and Ethiopian too;
All of these foods will have to do;
Or maybe I will just cook in tonight; it’s safer.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Thanks for posting this.This is awesome!!

    1. Thanks Cheap Jerseys. I feel like every once in a while I need to throw myself under the bus and tell myself that I have a perfectly good stove to whip up a meal, especially since I work at home.

  2. You are so talented!!! Really nice!!!!


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