Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I may become unpopular after this post....

….But then again, I was never that popular to begin with.   I want to talk about comments.   I am not talking about comments to blogs (although I would like some every once in a while).  I am talking about comments to videos on You Tube and articles people write to inform others of their opinions, products, and other things on the web.
First of all, I think it is wonderful that these sites have a comment section after each article and video.  It lets a person know that someone has read the article.   Comments produce traffic, rather good or bad, and it shows that the writer’s opinion is not the only opinion in the world.  I have a lot of respect for the person who comments after a video or article.
What I do not like about the comment section is the nastiness that comes with it, especially if it is a video.   I was just watching a few videos highlighting some episodes of Star Trek’s Next Generation and Voyager.   There were some comments that were good, some that were in between, and there were a couple that were downright nasty.   And these were the mild ones.  I have seen videos where the comment questioned a person’s nationality (a natural hair video), cursing on a comment, calling the poster or the actors in the video names, and the list goes on and on.  
First of all, have we come to the conclusion of being true haters?  The human race in general has always been this way, but at least we had at one time soften to just our opinions about the video itself, and nothing else.  Same with articles.  The hate was always towards the article itself, not the poster, or anyone who participated in the video/article.  
Next, if you do not like something, just say you do not like it, if you have to comment, otherwise do not say anything at all.   There is a quote that says, “If you cannot say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.”  Period.   I usually comment to myself, then I leave.   The reason is I got into trouble a couple of times on you tube when I first started watching vidoes, and I received an email on it.   I did not like it at all.  “How dare that person email me on my comment,” I thought as I read his nasty email to me.  I deleted it, but he was right to his opinion, and me with mine.   I learned to keep my nasty little comments to myself, especially now that I have blogs, and I am getting ready to enter into the world of guest blogging.   Every article or video that a person submits to a site is not going to get rave reviews, which leads to this next point:
Write everything to the best of your ability so you can get a comment.   Last week, I took a blog writing class.  I should have done it when I started my first blog, but I couldn’t, I did not have the time, or the money if it wasn’t free.  This was one of the points the presenter said in her presentation.  Another one was to read, re-read, read it out loud, or have someone else read the article before you submit it.   The reasons why I submit my posts only a couple times a week is because I am constantly proofreading it. 
I do not have a formula for videos, because I am still learning myself.  I only have a handful of videos out in You Tube Land for a different reason that I will explain in another post.
Well in conclusion, try to leave positive comments, leave off the video and articles you hate, and the world may be a better place.  The best news is you are not stressed from watching and reading bad stuff.

Have a blessed day.

PS....Shout out to Randy @   Thanks for the comment on my last post.

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