Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My adventures in aunt hood: the overnight guest.

Ah, the joys of aunthood, what melodies they bring.   Tonight's episode:  the overnight guest.   I have done it before, but this time, it seems that I am missing the boat.   I have covered my reaction to the first time curser, bottle feeding in the middle of the night, fights between siblings, and the smart mouth.   Have I covered it all?  NO, I have not!   I have a quote for you, and it goes like this:  " if you want to make God laugh, make plans."   Well the joke was on both my mom and me. 
I had my whole day planned; go to two computer classes, done by noon, start writing out a packet for those who join my Longaberger team, as an additional bonus outside of what the company does, read email, answer email, and finally rest and sort of goof off on social media.   A fun filled day.
I get a call from my sister to watch her kids, nephew,6 and niece, 4.   It seems that other sister baled on her at the last minute.  Neice, 7, had a concert, and my sister was not sure when she would return to watch the first sister's kids.   I called mom, because my condo was too small, and I only have one bed.  Nephew could always sleep on the couch, niece in the bed with me, but I like my bed space, and well, niece is an octopus in bed. (Very much like her mommy.)
So, we go to pick up the kids.  We knocked, called from our cell phones, left messages that we were going to leave.   When all of a sudden, my sister calls back, and says that she is coming.  She sends the kids out and brings the seats.   We are off and all is quiet, but not for long.   We get to my parents house and nephew was good,   But not neice.   Have you ever felt like a broken record?   That was me in a nutshell, and yes, I like talking to myself, especially when there should be a 4 year old little girl listening to me.   I have threat written in my voice, and as a result, it has taken two hours for two people to get one little girl to go to sleep,  I am exhausted.   Her brother, on the other hand, fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.  I talked, mom talked, I read two bedtime stories (IBooks and my IPad have officially earned their keep, because I had no children's books on the app), and the girl to this hour, has not gone to sleep.
Parents, I feel for anyone who cannot get their cute, precious little one to sleep.   What do these people eat that makes them this way?   Oh I forgot, when we were not looking, chicky-poo got to the cookies.   She had three.
 I was supposed to write a blog post on my desktop at home, instead  of on my iPad like I am doing now.
I think she is officially asleep (yep,  with torn covers off the bed).   Do I still want a little girl?  Yes I do.   This neice is not ruining the moment for me, even if she caused me to slam on the brakes when she cursed in the backseat at the age of 3.  I cannot wait until I adopt one, and I cannot wait until I see what this niece  of mine has in store for us when she turns 5 in September.   Lord, help us all.  Did I mention we are all going to Disney World in December?

Have a blessed day.

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