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Bet your baby is going to college.....Maybe

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I just watched a new show on television.  The show is called "Bet on Your baby", and I am not sure about this show.   
The show is pretty simple.   A couple bets to see if their precious little bambino (that's baby in Italian) will complete a task given to them.   It is all about predictability of what will your child do next.   This is in hopes to get a college fund started.  As I watch this show, I wonder if this is for a college fund or for something more.

My thoughts on this show:

I do not like a show that showcases a child doing something.  Unless the child is a performer, they should not be on television.   Kate Goslin was one of those people, the Octomom is another.  Their kids had no talent, and it was all about them.   I think both of them have calmed down for now.   Dance Moms is borderline.   They are performers, yes, but there is drama among their mothers.  This is the part that makes this reality show borderline.  I have a real problem with Bet on your Baby.
I know that I have only seen this show once, but this is how I watch shows in general.  I give my thoughts on a show by looking at all aspects on rather is worth my entertainment value or not, and then I will tell you if it worth my time for the next time it comes on the air.   For Bet on Your Baby, it is a -1, because of the reasons I stated above.  I do not like circus acts that masquerade themselves as television shows, and this is one circus act I can do without.   My further thoughts are as follows:

Children are not circus acts.  My comment on one of the tasks is, "So your child could choose a cupcake over broccoli.  Big deal.  I know several children who would choose a cupcake over a vegetable.  What child wouldn't do that?"  To a child and some adults, vegetables taste terrible, and they are marketed as good for you.  Not only that, children are not good at choosing things that will help them, not harm them.   One of the reasons to have parents who hopefully make the right decisions for them.   Unless parent train children to be vegetarians at the age of two, I do not see that trend ending in the near or distant future. 

If I want to see a child spin, I can count on my 2-year old nephew for that one.  He's cute, loves to do things, and his parents could use the money, but not on national television.   I would then argue to them (My brother and sister in law) that he needs to be a kid, doing kids things.   There are better ways to start a college fund for your child than going on television and betting to see if the kid can plop $5,000 to start on their college fund and future.

1.     Start them on a good solid Pre-K to 12 education.  Yes, I said pre-K.   Once they start earning those A's, B's, and passing entrance tests by studying to the best of the capabilities, they could win all kinds of scholarships.  
2.     It is also not enough for them to be just academically sound for scholarships, most scholarships also are community based.  This means helping out in the community and seeing a need in that community.
3.     Not every child is athletic will they ever be, but there are scholarships for your child's talent, race, lifestyle, or being in a certain income bracket.  You may not have to take out a loan or grant if you do your homework early.   I suggest you start as soon as the child gets into 6th grade.
4.     Also note, some children are not college material or ready to go to college.  I graduated from college in 2003 at the age of 38.  What did I do between age 18 and 38?  I worked, and I did go to school.  I earned a certificate of Secretarial Science from a technical school.   From, there, I decided to finally major in marketing.  I failed at earning a degree in Theater, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, and Business Administration.  All of my experiences helped me in getting that Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.  This statement is not to show you how I got my education, but to show you that there are other avenues for your child to earn a living in case they announce that they are uninterested in a college education.
5.     If all else fails, there is always the military.   The good news is they do not have to stay in the military for the rest of their life, unless they want to make a career out of that choice.
6.     Remember it is their choice beyond the age of 18.  Parents seem to forget that on occasion.  Just remember unless they are in trouble, they are doing fine, and you are now ready for the advice phase of their life.
Have fun today, let your kid be a kid, and be blessed.

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