Friday, May 10, 2013

What is your hobby and How do you use it?

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Are you bored with your life?  I 1997.  I was no longer a dancer, I have exhausted out my piano lessons, and the computer was not as interesting as it seemed to me at the time.  I decided to take up a new hobby, except, this hobby I tried back in the days of high school, and that was scrapbooking.   Scrapbooking was not as popular in the 1980’s as that are now.  Today, it is a billion dollar business, and the stuff you purchase today, makes you feel like you bought a lot more.   Tools of the trade are paper, paper, and more paper, but it is much more than just paper, it is metal, plastic, gadgets that help shape and mold the paper, and so forth.  From scrapbook albums, I graduated to making cards and altering items.  All of it cost money.  In 2009, I decided I no longer could support my habit, so I pulled up my glue-covered sleeves and decided to go into business.  It is one the best thing I have ever decided to do for myself and for others.  So what is your hobby?

Is it model trains, airplanes, or enjoying a pint of imported beers? Is it traveling, motorcycling, hiking, or amusement parks?  What about being a foodie, a cook, or a lover of languages?   How about robbery, shooting, or killing?  Oops, did I say a bad word or two?  Just marinade on that last sentence for a minute. 

I am not trying to be funny about the robberies, the shooting, or the killings, but it seems to me that the news (at least where I live) has at least 4-5 breaking news stories a night in the last 5 years.  I do not live in a large city like Los Angeles, Detroit, or even Miami.  It seems to me that the “hobby of the day” is to see how many people can get hurt, families being broken up, and not how many homemade greeting cards I can make in a day, and sell them on my Etsy Shop.  I want to know, if I can talk to that person right now, whoever you are, “Are you bored, jealous, or mad at someone?”  If you are, why can’t you create your own happiness, and just leave everyone else alone?

I am a fan of Young and the Restless.  If I cannot watch it that day, I tape it, or I watch it on Soap-Net.   There is a couple by the name of Kevin and Chloe.  They are the current “Goofy” couple on the show.  They want to spice up their sex life.  Kevin, who is the brother of Michael Baldwin, thinks that by becoming a modern day Robin Hood and Maid Marion or Bonnie and Clyde would do the trick, keeping things nice and steamy.  Anyway, they have been knocking off (stealing) from people’s houses, and as soon as they do that, the sex is…well, I will let you decide how it is, in case you are reading with a child on your lap or they can read.  The point to the whole story-line (which is ridiculous) is Kevin and Chloe are bored, their life seems to be boring to them (after all, how boring is running a coffee shop or working in partnership of a budding fashion designer), and they have a little girl named Dahlia.  If this is your life too, STOP AND GET A NEW HOBBY.  YOUR HOBBY STICKS.  

No amount of jail time can cure your boredom.  If you are mad at someone, stop and think about what you are doing to your family, their family, and the community.  Sometimes, that hobby can cause lock downs and evacuations.  Sometimes hatred can cause people to stop doing their own hobbies, like the woman ballroom dancer, whose foot was blown off after the Boston Marathon bombings.  Death is even worst, when you consider that 20 people in Newton, Conn will never get to know what it is like to graduate, fall in love, get married, have kids of their own, or grow old.  Think before you act. 
So my question again is, “what is your hobby?”  Is it a hobby that makes people smile, laugh, and feel insightful, or does it hurt and causes loss of a precious life that people hold so dear?  Another way of looking at this is, does your hobby cause people to rethink the laws of the land that have to do with freedom to bear arms, to speak, or find a new way of life.

Have a blessed day.

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