Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day Whatever: people going mad over a box of twinkies

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First of all, I fell off the wagon.  I am not following the 30 day blog challenge, and that is OK.  I had things I needed to take care.  Phew, now that is off my chest, on to more important

BREAKING NEWS...After 82 years in business, Hostess is going out of business.  I thought that as I am taking my last breath, Hostess would be standing strong with a box of Twinkies and Ho-Hos in each hand.  Now I know that there is a change that McDonald's will be going out of business in the near future.   It is sad when something like a baker's strike ruins a company.  What do these people want to do, raise more dough?  (I know bad joke, I will move on from there, and promise not to crack another baker joke).
I am torn for a lot of reasons, I will name two of them:  I grew up on this stuff.  This is what went in my lunchbox from Kindergarten to 8th grade for my dessert.  Maybe not every day, but these foods got a lot of air time in my lunchboxes (I had a Roadrunner, a Partridge Family, and I think the last one was a Brady Bunch lunchbox).  Sorry McD's but if I had to choice between your apple pie and theirs, Hostess would win.
So after hearing about this news, I called mom, and said that we have to make a Hostess run.  I still do not have my Twinkies, and I might be out of luck.  I refuse to order them on Ebay, and I refuse to pay $100 for a box.  Really, people, I did not know you can sell food on Ebay.   When I was a Tastefully Simple Rep, I was told that Ebay did not except food.  Of course the last time I asked was 2006 and it was a month before I quit.
The second reason why I am torn is because it is a sad day when you feel sorry for a food and not for the people who made the food. (Jobs).  These people have to find jobs again.   Some people have been there long enough to draw retirement checks if they wanted to, but they would not make enough in pension checks and social security to live off of.  So to that end I say stop thinking about what you are going to do when they stop making them, and start thinking about what these people are going to do about jobs and pension checks.  Chances are you probably have not put a Twinkie, Ho-ho, donette, or pie in your mouth since you were a child, when the doctor told you to stop eating them, or when the spouse forbid them from coming in your home.
Look, I feel for you.  I like them too, and I wanted to get my last box of nostalgia in the making (something to tell the grands and great grands), but then I thought, "what am I really doing?"  Yes they are loaded with fat, and yes they are not good for you.  If I get to eat my last of anything from Hostess, it  is not going to make them re-open their doors if this strike keeps on going or if they stop striking.  I heard someone say on Twitter that this is all a publicity stunt, and the CEO is going to come on television today and say that they were making this stuff up.  Humm, I thought of that for a moment, which lead me to writing this post, and I do not think that is it.  They are closing, but they also might have a chance of re-opening someday.  A new Hostess.  It has happened before, somewhere on this Earth.  
Well you ponder that for a moment.  Make a comment or two about it below.  What do you make of this news?  Do you eat this stuff?  Let me know, K?  I will talk to you later.  In the meantime, be blessed everyday.
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  1. What a sad announcement! I would never have guessed that that could happen. I had a childhood with Twinkies in it. The treat always brings back fond memories. Years went by when I was not living in the States and so it was natural that on a return visit, I had a craving for them. The sad thing is that when I ate one, I noticed how artificially horrible it tasted. We teach our taste-buds to eat bad stuff. I still love my treats and I consume more sugar than I should, but I prefer knowing what's inside before putting it in my mouth. :)

  2. Christina, I am like you. I have not had one since that fried one at the state fair. I thought about it yesterday, and I thought again why am I going though all the trouble for one last bite of something that I did not have in years. Yes, I am letting the nuts have the last ones. My body is better off. thanks for commenting.


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