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Are you a Cool Aunt?

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For weeks I have seen this ad for Swifter mops, and in this particular one,  a woman says, " I'm Done".  She picks up a magazine that reads, "Are you a Cool Mom?".  she then exclaims, "I'm got to do this." (cue the announcer).  Next she ask her kids, Bright, and Not so Bright , if she is "Mom-tacler" or "Mom-Trous".  Forgive me if I am calling names, but that is the look they had on their faces.  Remember it is the questions you ask your kids when they give those silly little faces like you just killed them.
Now why am I asking this question about cool aunts?   I was thinking about this question as I was dropping my oldest nephew off at a friend's house 30 minutes ago.  You know, aunts are different than moms, because even though they may have kids of their own (I do not yet, that day is coming), there is something about an aunt, depending on which way you play it, that is cool way of getting away with everything.   At least that is the way my niece and nephews see it (the youngest one is still trying to figure me out)  Just for the record, I have nephews who are 16, 5, and 2, while the niece is 4.   to me, they are the joy of my life, and like their parents and grandparents, I would die for them, go to jail for them, that sort of thing.
so what makes a cool aunt?  I really do not know, but I can tell you what I have done...
When mommy or daddy said no,  I said yes, and gave it to them anyway.  I had fun with them and tried to understand their stuff.  I have babysat when I did not feel like it. take them to the store, bought junk food, let them stay up late when they spend the night.  While to some that is a complete no-no, I was not doing to to gain friendship, but to know I am there too.  I have also reprimanded when they needed it, gave advise, hugged, gave kisses, held when the boo-boos came, rocked to sleep, and basically loved them as though they were my own child.  My oldest nephew will be 18 in 2 years, and I am looking forward to those talks we will have when he is a man.  I wrote a entry to my second installment of my journal, and in it this is what I said at the time about my nephew when just a year older than his brother now:

"Oh do not get me wrong, I love Mikey, and he is a wonderful challenge for me.  I loved it when I changed his diapers, fed him, sing to him, and played with him.  He will be turning from a toddler to a preschooler in four short weeks, and I miss the baby in him already.  I will enjoy it, when he does turn four, because I love it when he counts, sings his Preschool songs to me, tells me what color he wants in Lucky Ducks, and he is getting better in pronouncing “L” words.  I also love it when he gives me a great big hug, and a big wet kiss." (except from "My life in the 21st century, a personal journal of mine)

One thing I have say about my nephew that most people do not get to say about their sibling's children, he is a good kid.  At the age of 16, he does have his moments, but over all he is a good kid.  Yes, he does have a girlfriend, and no I am not a great-aunt yet (let's keep it that way for a while)   The other three are learning.  The one next to him is 5, and to Deonte, I am a cool aunt. His sister thinks I am too.  Mike's little brother at age 2 is still trying to figure me out.
So Are you a Cool Aunt?   I know I am, but I have also have values and other things that will help them along in life, and maybe they can teach me how to do the Dougie.
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