Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is late but I have to say it...

Merry Christmas, everyone.   It is 7:39 pm here where I live, I am happy in most places, but sad.  Sunday, we  opened our presents, and seeing nephews Mike and Leon with their faces all lighted up brings joy, especially Leon who is only 2 year old.  My brother and his family was going home that evening, because he had to work yesterday.  He is a cook with the Salvation Army, the head chef if you want to call it that, which means he oversees things that needs to be cooked, the budget, and make things meet over there.  
Yesterday was a sad time for 27 families.   The 26 in Newtown, CT, and one here where I live.  I am talking about the ones who died in that senseless killing two weeks ago, but the one I am talking about is a family who belongs to the church I belong to.
Last week, they had to bury a young lady who was their daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, niece, cousin,and friend, but most of all, mother to a very special little boy.  Today would have been her 23rd birthday.  I know that she is now an angel to many of us, because how she lived down here.  When her great-grandmother first got sick, she took care of her, and even was studying to be a nurse at the local university.  She was a role model for the young mothers at the church she belonged to with her mother.   I could go on about the things this young lady did, things that I wish that most people her age would strive to do.  I am going to stop right there, because I want you to think about it, and ponder it in your heart. I have not mentioned her name, because I am not sure if I can mention it, a couple of her cousins are my facebook friends, and all of my posts goes to my personal page as well as Twitter.  I always go by the privacy act, unless I get permission to do so by the family or anything I post that is not originally part of me, even though I knew the young lady personally.  To that I want to still wish her a happy birthday in heaven.
I also want to say this:  We should all strive to do good in our lives.  Not just for children, but for everyone.   I am also thinking about the mall shooting that happen the week before the one in Newtown.  This has become a hateful time, and a time that not only Christians, but everyone needs to start praying for this nation, this world.  Now is not the time to be all about me, and what I want , and what I need.  if there is a need, do it, and if there is a want, and it is vital to that person's well being, try to do it the very best you can.  God commands it from each one of us, but the key here is not just do it, but to except Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord.  I know I have just turned off some people, but I do not care if you are turned of but that remark.  This message is for everyone and anyone who has excepted Jesus, and who wants to except Jesus. I am not a minister, but I know someone who is, and if my pastor would allow me to give you her phone number over the internet, I would, but again, the privacy act.  If you do want to except, or renew your relationship with Jesus, contact your local church.  You do not have to become United Methodist, which is the denomination I belong to within the Christian faith, but join a church.   Make a new beginning to 2013, and tell Satan where he can stick his hatred in Jesus's Name.
Be Blessed your whole life through.
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