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Hug your children...

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This post is very, very hard for me to write.  Normally, on my blogs I have posts on how-to's (scrapbooking,  making cards, organization, traveling tips), advise (joining my team, again tips, ), specials and deals on products, and other posts, but the this is the first time I have publicly writing on this in the three years I have written a blog.
Children are our precious commodity that a person could ever have.  You have read my posts about me not having children personally, but I am an aunt of a 16, 5, 4, and 2 year old.  They bring me joy when I see them, and each comes with their own personality.   The 16 year old is trying to be a man (he will be 17 in February); the other three is just trying to find themselves in the world and understanding all that goes on in the world.  I want to protect them as much as their own parents do, which is why I have been very sadden by these events of today.  I personally have had a death in my church family this week of a young lady, who has left behind a 6 year old son.  My heart breaks for that family, as well as the families who lost loved ones through this senseless act.  Death is a part of life, but I have a tender spot for those who die under the age of 25, for they have not even begun to live life to it's fullest, and will never know what it is like to do so.
What I am about to say may sound a little selfish, but I feel I would like to say what I felt I could not say on Facebook.
I understand when a person say things like we feel for all the parents and grandparents in today's tragedy   Ok I get it, I do too, but what about the aunts and uncles?  Do you feel for them too?  Some aunts and uncles do not have children of their own nor are they married.  Some have chosen not to go down that path in their life for what ever reason, then there are people like me who have always wanted to be a wife and mother, but for some reason, God has said that this is not the path I should take right now, even though I am two years from 50.  Who knows, it may actually happen, and I will be glad when it does.  I will adopt and I will find that man.  Enough about me.
Parents, by now if you have not seem the television of the events that happened today in Newtown, Connecticut, someone has told you about it.  Basically, a man got upset, went on a shooting rampage in an elementary school, killing 8 little ones (2 died at the hospital) and 6 adults (there is a 7th, but not sure if this is related or not).  The reason:  his mother works there, and he was mad at her.   So let me get this straight:  you are going to get mad at your mother, then shoot anyone in sight on your gun.  Has anyone heard of a thing called going to a place to cool down and let it go?   I am sure whatever reason it is, it was not worth killing people, especially 8 people who have no chance in having their first date, graduating, learning to love someone other than their parents, walking in the sunshine, getting married, having a mini-me (children of their own), or seeing where life and God will take them?  Was this person that selfish to even try to take out their own mother, that he takes out people he did not know nor cares about?  What about the adults?  They will not see their children have children of their own, plan weddings, graduations, or vacations around them.  This goes for the adults who were killed as well as the parents who lost their children.  
If you have a child, take time out to hug them, love them, and if they whine about something, let them, but do corrective measures.  Do not let a little whine bother you.  Do not let a little cry or tantrum bother you. Do not let work consume you to the point where you do not realize that you have children
Remember like I said in the beginning, children are our precious commodity, and please do not know let anyone take that away from you.   Be strong and be blessed this holiday season, through the rest of the year, and always.
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