Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 8: Opportunity

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Talking is not one of my strengths.  I have inherited the “be quiet” aspect from my mother, but once I get to know you, I can talk up a storm.
I love talking about anything from the weather, current events, and what I do for a living.  Sometimes, I believe as humans we have a problem with communication.  Let me explain:
We have no problem talking about if the weather is going to be sunny, cloudy with a chance of rain, or something like a snowstorm, hurricane, or tornado.  I was taught by my first customer service supervisor that you talk about the weather while you are look up a customer’s information to avoid that “silent feeling”.  Now, unless a rep is discussing your bill or the problem that you called about in the first place, you will not hear any “how’s the weather where you live” questions from a rep.  
A current event is another topic that used to come up during CSR inquires.  The only difference is this is the conversation among family and friends.  Everyone has an opinion about an event that happened, a celeb, or a bad fashion decision from an unknown person.   Right now, The current topic of choice is anything that has to do with being a Muslim in this country. I get it because I am afraid of extremists of any religion or race. But that does not mean that everyone of that religion or race hates, in this case, Americans or America.  We are just that fearful because of a few, so we lump everyone in that category, and do away with the problem.      
 What I really want to talk about on this topic of opportunity, is not about most loans or the weather or even what you had last night for dinner.  What I am here to talk about is an opportunity to grow. As in the opportunity to get ahead. This is not as a sales pitch, but I do want to ask you this question. Are you happy with the situation of money right now? Are you happy with your job? Are you making the right kind of money to help you sustain your life?  Think about it. Are you using the skills that you learned how to do a particular job or any job that is allowing you to make At least enough to have for six months in the case of emergencies?  If you are congratulations carry-on. If not, you do not have to change your job if you are currently happy with the company that you are at.  If you are not happy with any of your job or company, ask yourself what can I do to enhance my way of living. You could do side jobs or gigs that allow you to use your skills.  You could ask for more money, or you could go back to school. You could do something new. Whatever it is that you want out of your job, your company, your skills, or your hobby, do something that makes you happy. Who knows, it may lead to a new job, company, skills, or entrepreneurship. Just do what makes you happy, satisfied, or making more money. If you are out of work, now is the opportunity for you to gain a skill, and present yourself as a skillful person. If you cannot find work at a permanent job, work a temporary job. How about creating your own job by doing odd jobs.  This is especially good if you are in IT, but any skill set will do. Just give yourself the opportunity to reinvent yourself.


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