Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blogmas Days 1-3

It is 2 mins before 12-midnight in Ohio, USA.  That is Eastern Standard Time.  I have not been so behind in my life.  I take it back I am always behind.  So you are getting a 3 for, that is 3 for the price of 1.  I should not get behind in my posts again I am just getting warmed up.  I have the whole month of December to do.  As they say, here we go…

December 1, 2015:  My Thanksgiving holiday and family.

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This past weekend, I spent time with family, and it was wonderful.  I do not want to talk about what I did, other than riding with my mother and father to Pigeon Forge, TN to a bunch of cabins just a stone’s throw from Dollywood the Amusement Park, or going to see Creed with my cousins (I will give a review later).  One of my aunts is a travel agent, and she is the one who found these cabins.  This is my mother’s side of the family, which consists of 9 brothers and sisters (2 are deceased).  All but 3 siblings made it up to the cabins along with most of their children (I was the only one who went with my parents, the rest had to work- the idiot employers).   My father had his gathering in the summer with his sister and my cousins from that side of the family.  Both I and my mom made Mac and Cheese for the Thanksgiving table.  My first time and they all survived, LOL.
We left last Wednesday and came back Sunday.  I love all my family from both sides of my family, but I feel like I am a little bit closer with this side.  I think the main reason is we do not fight, we have friendly disagreements, and it has been that way all of my life.  I have not once seen my grandparents fight, my mother had her usual sibling disagreement with her brothers and sisters, but if you have siblings, you know what I mean.  My parents have been together for almost 55 years (come next July), and not once did I ever hear either one of them threaten the other for a divorce.  My father has never struck my mother unless it was playful hitting (I call them “Love Pats”.) Sure, I do have a couple of aunts, uncles, and cousins who have gotten divorces (there is always one in every family), but they have found someone who manages to be their soulmate.  I have one aunt and uncle who are widows.  One who wonder why I have not found anyone.  Still looking.  OK, stop it, Patricia, focus on the subject.
I find that we are a very loving family, full of talent, and very inspirational.  We inspire each other.  We support each other.  We have all instilled the love of God and Christ Jesus in us.  Even if there are some of us who do not go to church, we all know who holds our tomorrow, and who we can count on.  During this time was the first time I was able to talk about that I would be starting adoption procedures with any member of the extended family, and it felt good.  Tip:  when something like that happens, you know it is the right time to do whatever it is you are trying to do.  Speaking of support, it is time for topic #2….

Day 2: December 2, 2015-  Black Friday shopping
This is sort of a touchy subject for people, especially people who love to shop.  First of all, I am not a Black Friday shopper, AT ALL.  Period.  Noda.  Not going to happen.  I applauded all of you who weather the shopping storm this past Friday.  Kudos to you and yours.  I have several reasons for not going shopping on Black Friday:
·         I do not want to move out of my comfy bed.  Even though I was not in my actual bed, that cabin bed was nice, warm and toasty.  Now why would I want ruin that moment for 52” television set at Walmart for $142 (before taxes)?  By the way, you do know that price was jacked up so they can get it down to that price, and still be able to make you believe you have a bargain.  Just thought you should know.
·         Fights.  People act like they have never bought anything, ever in their life (by the way, that was a double negative…. A no-no).  If you want to see the fights to not get you in the mood for next Black Friday, Google “Black Friday Fights 2015” on You Tube.  I bet you will not go to Black Friday 2016.  The sales are not worth spending a night in jail, getting a concussion for a blender when you have 10, or auctioning off your first born for an item that only works for 2 minutes.
·         Did I mention my comfy bed?
·         The stores are so desperate now, they have extended the sales to include Thanksgiving night.  Thanksgiving night?  Has everyone lost it?  I read a quote that said, “you are a hypocrite if you give thanks for what you have, then fight over something you do not need a few hours later”. It is true.  We have become a bunch of greedy Americans, and this is just the beginning.  
·         Not only that, you are taking people away from their families who have to work retail on Thanksgiving day.  Yes, I know that has been the norm in the military and other service areas, but I look at it this way:  You cannot keep sickness, fires, crimes, or terrorists away for the holidays, BUT you can step away from a $5 sausage maker that normally costs $25 for a day.  Have some common sense people.  
These are just a few of the many reasons why I did not, nor will I ever go Black Friday Shopping, but that does not mean I cannot participate in Cyber Monday.

Day 3:  December 3, 2015- Decorations hung by the chimney with care….
…. In hopes to take a $85 electric bill to $400 this year. 
I love lights. Pretty Christmas lights.  I also love Christmas Trees, and I love how everything is so sparkly and new.  I also love to stay frugal with my utilities.  Answer this question….
How in the heck does one start decorating in July, and light up the neighborhood by December 1?  No, I am not the person to do it.  Where does a person even save up enough money to buy all the equipment (computer, lights, blowup things, etc.…) and then use all electricity their little meters and breakers switches can muster?  I am in a rental, and even though the electric is in my name, I cannot see myself going from a cushy double-digit bill to one that constitutes a car note payment. 
Instead, I leave it up to the experts:  Disney World, The Columbus Zoo, and any lights my condo complex decides to put up to name a few.  They have a set pattern that works.  For example, Disney knows exactly how many lights will light up Cindy’s castle (Who I understand was evicted by Elsa for a Frozen Castle wonderland-only in Florida).  They know how to light the resorts, the rides, even Main Street.   The bill is huge, but it is in the budget, and I am sure the cities of Kissimmee, Orlando, and Orange County will make sure they pay their fair share.  Let me have a late bill, and AEP will have my head on a platter and serve it breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They have Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, where you walk around, eat cookies, and drink hot chocolate.  Of course, you get to ride as well.
The Columbus Zoo is in the same boat as Disney.  They currently have Wildlights at the Zoo, and I had a chance to go two years ago with the youth group from my church, and it was beautiful.  You really do not see the animals, except for the ones who can take the night life.  You walk around to see the displays, drink hot chocolate, kids make crafts, and see Santa and Mrs. Clause.  There is also a carousel there as well.  I really enjoyed it all, and I want to go back to take my niece and nephews.   Next year, I hope to see Disney’s Christmas lights.

So, for all you people who enjoy lighting up the neighborhood for 1-2 months out of the year enough for the space station to spot you from above, I applaud you.  Have fun.  I hope you did not fall off the ladder trying to string your one millionth light in place.  Have fun, don’t worry about the bill now.  Just pay it, because this is what you chosen to do each year like clockwork.  When people like me drive by, and admire your work, feel proud that accomplished what you wanted for your family, friends, and strangers alike.  I just chose to decorate on the inside, with my tree, knick-knacks, bake cookies, and cakes.  It not about how you decorate, just know who you are celebrating as you do everything.

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