Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 18: The Force Awakens….NOT!!!

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 Ok, I am making a PSA:  I am not a Star Wars fan.  Never have, never will.  Although I enjoy a good science fiction movie, Star Wars does not fit the bill for me.  I was 12 when I saw the original movie (Help me, Ob-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope), which I now understand has been renamed:  Star Wars Episode IV: The New Hope.  I thought I was ok with it all, but I had a nightmare that night.  I dreamed that Darth Vader was after me.  My father, who in real life was an airman, became a Jedi knight overnight, and Darth Vader wanted him to come to the dark side.  In order to force my father to do so, my life was on the line.  How special.  
I did see Return of the Jedi, and Empire Strikes back, but they did not faze me at all.  I did not get excited about them.   I thought that Episodes 1-3 were snooze-ville and very, very violent.   I did not care to see how Darth Vader became the menace that he was, but I care enough to see it on TV when I was bored out of my brains as my brother, a huge Star Wars fan watched each and every episode, and do not talk to him while he is watching.  You will never get an answer from him. 
When Disney announced they had bought the Star Wars franchise a few years ago, I was not impressed, I was mad.  I asked a question of “why does Disney want to get rid of Mickey, Minnie, and the gang, as well as all the princesses, Mary Poppins, and all the rest that made Disney, Disney.  Why do they want to ruin what Walt built, and would Walt Disney himself have bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas?  These were the question as a die-hard Disney fan wanted to know?  The answer is I do not know.  My question is still, are they trying to compete against Universal, who bought Harry Potter for a song.  
In case you have been crawling under a rock within the past 10 years, Universal has this huge HP land at Universal Orlando, and maybe, just maybe, it had Disney quaking in their boots.  They needed to act fast, so they bought Star Wars.
My next question is, who is going to buy Star Trek?  Now that is where my future with the “Stars” lies.  I am not a huge fan of Captain Kirk (although J.J. Abrams did a balling ass job on last two movies)-oops sorry for the language.  I like Captains Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer (even though Captain Archer was before Kirk in the ST timeline).  This is the future I envisioned, a more Utopian-like atmosphere, where people (human and humanoid) try to live in harmony. I know, in the timeline, I would never see this, and there are some quadrillion different ways to look at the future beyond 2064 (the year that I turn 100).  God has not promised how long before the end of time and space will everyone and everything last.

In the meantime, if I decide to see this new movie, The Force Awakens, it will be on own my terms, not anyone else’s terms.  I am just tired of hype and everything conforming to its theming. It is not that serious people.  Let those of us who hate Star Wars or have not seen a single movie in its franchise have our peace and our space.  

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