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Day 4: December 4, 2015- Joy at Christmas

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I have been told on several occasions throughout my life to find joy and happiness, but what are these things that people talk about?  Sure, I know the meaning of the two, but these definitions to me vary between person to person.  Some find it in things.  Others find it in money.  But I want to talk about the last part, finding it within yourself.  I know it is hard to find it in yourself, especially with all of these shootings, such as the most recent happening in San Bernardino, CA.  I have often talked about that city
because I spent ages 3-9 living there.  I do not want to focus on that right now.
My focus is finding happiness and joy, especially during this time of the year.  Christmas can do two things to a person.  It can either get you in the mood of giving or in the mood of receiving.  One of the ways of finding happiness and joy is the first way, giving.  It does not mean busting the piggy bank wide open and buying out the store.  Time is another way of giving.  When you focus on a person that has less than you, it should make you feel better in knowing that made a difference in a person’s life.
A person could have less than you in things, care, and love.  I want to focus more on something that does not require me to opening up my wallet.  I want to take the time out to show a person that I care and that I want to show love to that person.  I will be doing that for the long haul hopefully soon by adopting a child. For now, for the month of December, I can do that by helping with food baskets at my church, show more patience with the people who work in retail or driving, or simply spending time with someone who needs it. 
Today, I actually put change in to help feed the hungry while paying for my drink at Whole Foods.  I am not saying it to brag, that is not the point to finding joy and happiness.  I feel blessed in knowing that my little $.80 will go towards the food banks, and it could have easily gone into my piggy bank for my Disney trip next year.  I also feel blessed that I can take trips, adopt, or simply warm my feet in a warm home when many do not have that luxury.  In case you are wondering on what gives me joy and happiness, let me give you a little sample of what I mean:
·         My family
·         My friends
·         Breathing
·         Moving around
·         Being independent
·         My business
·         My creativity
·         The ability of putting a smile on someone’s face
·         Knowing that I am God’s child and that He loves me.
See, not one of them mentions things, except my business.  This is the top of my long list of things I am happy about and I find joy in.  Others include my love for dance and music, Disney, paper crafting, reading, cooking, computing, Christmas, Easter, writing, animals, children, movies, clothes and shoes.

I challenge you to find what makes you happy and gives you joy this Christmas season, and then care it throughout 2016.  Who knows, that joy and happiness will get so embedded in you until you hardly notice why you are happy all the time.

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