Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top ten foods you could eat for the rest of your life.

OK, this is a fun writing prompt that I found out there in prompt land.  To be honest, I was not really feeling it with the pressure prompts this month for Blogher.  I have not given up on them.  So to the end of the month, I will be writing on different subjects (which they do not mind you doing anyway). So, for the rest of the year, I will sign up each month, and I will choose rather I will work on that writing prompt or not.   I will explain tomorrow my top reasons why prompts may or may not be a good idea.
Now for the top ten foods I could eat for the rest of my life…
1.      Chocolate.  I believe chocolate was one of the first complicated words I tried to say or my mother craved it when I was developing inside the womb.  Either way, I cannot remember a time that I did not like chocolate.  It does not matter if it is ice cream, cookies, cakes, or pie.  The more chocolate that is in the food, the more I want it.  I had to learn to eat it in moderation (thanks
to my doctor who thinks no one should be deprived of the foods they love)
2.      Seafood.  Not See-food, Seafood, as in fish and shellfish.  I eat two kinds:  The kind that needs to be cooked and Sushi.   I feel in love with sushi later on, and love it.  The only thing I have not tried is Oysters Rockefeller, or Oysters on the half-shell.  Both are raw, and I cannot get past the slim.   Other than that, I love fish and seafood.
3.      Chicken.  I am sorry, Vegans, but I love my meat, especially chicken.  I used to be a true steak person, but I love Chicken.
4.      Sweets in general.  Again, my mom must have crave this stuff the nine months before I was born, but I love sweets. 
5.      Mexican.  I lived in California for 6 years, and during this time, my babysitter’s mother hooked me on homemade tortillas.  I would go over to her house, and Mrs. Edwards would have a fresh batch of tortillas waiting for me to eat.  Her daughter, Nellie babysat me, which was a relief for my mom, because she could get the house done.  In fact I have some in my fridge now.  It is not the same as Mrs. Edwards.  RIP, Mrs. Edwards, and gracias, for the homemade tortillas.
6.      Pork rinds.  I am not sure what got me hooked on these dry things, but if you never had them before, be sure to have a drink with you at all times.   After two bites, you will need it, but I live it.  Honorary mention is Funions and Munchos, and I will severely cry the day they get discontinued.
7.      Mickey bars.   You can only get them in one place to have the right ratio of ice cream shaped Mickey Mouse head to chocolate, and that is at the Disney Parks.  I am sorry, but to me, the ones in the grocery stores are fakes in my opinion.  Also if I cannot get a Mickey Bar, there is the tollhouse cookie sandwich. Ice cream sandwiched between two nestle tollhouse cookies.   I want one now.
8.      Churros.  The best place to get them next to an authentic Mexican CafĂ© is at the Disney Parks.  My only caution to eating them is watch out for the seagulls.  I have heard they love them too, but one has not gotten to churro I purchased yet.  Please no sauce.   Eat them au natural.
9.      Noodles.   I have been loving noodles since I could walk.  So the honorable mention here is Italian food.  Love it too.
10.  Coffee.  Although technically not a food, I love my designer coffee, but I have learned to make it so it will not cost me an arm and a leg.   I have a Keurig Coffee maker (even though any pod or cup type maker will do), I have my sugar, creamer with flavoring, and if I want to be super fancy, I have my chocolate nibs.  (You can get them in the bulk section of the grocery store-you need a small clear container, no more).  If chocolate does not thrill you, there are peanut butter and butterscotch nibs too.  The only time I really buy into the whole Starbucks thing is if I am out and I have the craving, or on vacation.   I have not been to McDonald's
in months, after reading the calorie count on some of the drinks.
Well that is it for my food.  I will let you know that I do try to eat a balanced healthy diet.  Comment challenge:  What are some of your favorite foods that you could eat all day?  Tell me about it in the comments section.
Be blessed my friend, because you are a person who tries to make right food choices.  Take care. 

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