Thursday, January 2, 2014

Do you work well under pressure?

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Happy New Year, 2014!!! I know late in my celebration.  I celebrated in church and prayed in 2014 with some church members.  Shout outs to the members of Clair United Methodist Church, my home church since the age of 12 or 13.  I love ya, and keep strong for the Lord in 2014.  This includes former members, wherever you are.   2013 was a year of ups and downs for me.  I am not going into it, because some of it was painful, and some of it was a release on my mind, as what I thought was going to be a trying health problem, turned out that I never had it in the first place.  It was basically stress, and I am happy with the outcome.
Anyway, I am blessed and highly favored, and if you know what I mean with that saying, then you get what it.   I am not saying that the rest of you are not, it is just that you have not been taught on what that meaning TRULY says. Well on with the topic at hand:  do you work well under pressure?
I have decided that I am going to continue with the NABLOPOMO prompts, I also found some other prompts that I am going to incorporate with these prompts, and occasionally will add a few of my own.   That is where My Ambiance Life is going this year.   I have decided that talking about the occasional Honey Boo-Boo’s, Abby Lee’s and venting was not right for the blog, and people loved it when I write “prompt style.”  I have seen higher numbers of traffic with it, and I love it myself.  So going forward that is what’s happening with the blog.  My challenge for you this year is to follow along with the prompts, and see what you answers are to these prompts.   I would love to see your answers in the comment box.  I just ask that you stick to the topic.
For me, working under pressure means two things:  1) do I have the time to do what you ask me to do, and 2) what are you are asking me to do.   My sister is good at asking me to do things at the last minute.  She does not drive yet, so she has this thing of calling me to take her somewhere in about an hour.   I am usually in middle of something important when she ask me.  I am not good at that type of pressure, because now I am thinking these thoughts.  Those thoughts are usually, “Who could not or would not take you?” and “Have you forgotten about the wonderful public transportation that our blessed city has provided you?” she now live a block from the nearest bus stop, so for 2014, I want her to use it to her hearts content, if she has not asked me at least 4 days in advance.  The exception is an emergency.  I, on the other hand need to prep more, because she will forget that I have a business to run.
For my stuff, I do work well, because if I have something due (like this prompt that was due yesterday, LOL), I am calm, cool, and sometimes collected, because it is something that I imposed on myself, and this year, I am going to make it a point to write more things down.  After all, I have calendars on my computer, my phone, and my Ipad.   I am on them once a day, so I need to make it a habit to check them daily.   I have a sleek new desk and my bulletin board is attached to it (well semi attached), so I need to use it more. 
I create more when I am not pressured, but that does not mean that I don’t create when I am.  Overall I do not like it, but I perform seeming well when I am.

Be bless, my friends, and enjoy 2014.  Make it your year, and go out and be a blessing for someone, even if it just a stranger. 

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