Friday, January 3, 2014

What are you currently feeling pressure to do that you don't particularly enjoy?

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Today’s prompt is a little difficult for me.  I guess if I took it for what it means, rather than what it actually means, I would feel a little bit better about it, but I do not. So I am doing something a little different with this prompt.  It was supposed to be yesterday’s prompt (I will get to today’s prompt over the weekend, so I have homework to do).
I am turning it into a “word of the day” prompt, while still tackling the question.  If you are scratching your head right now, well, you are thinking, and that is a good thing.
So my “co-prompt” (If there any such meaning as one) is EXPECTATION.
There are all types of expectations.  You expect a paycheck when you work for someone, you expect a good grade when you perform well at school, and you expect a trial when you commit a crime and get caught.  To expect is to “look forward to.” Or “in the normal scheme of things to come,” this is the next step to something that always happens, no matter what.  If you are born, you expect to die at some point of your life.  If you work, you expect to pay taxes at some point in your life.  OK, enough with the definitions.  
My expectation is from my family, people expect for me to work for someone all of my life.  After all, that is the American way, right?  Not necessary, and I discovered that when I became an entrepreneur.  When that happened, all of a sudden, relatives, especially my father, wanted to know how I was going to live.  I left my job of 4 years at a scrapbooking store on the pretense that while I was establishing my business, I would be working temporary jobs in the clerical field.  It did not happen.  I did not get one job.  My business was, and still is 3-fold: direct selling, homemade products, and writing and document building.  All of it both online and off.  I do not know if by now they expected me to make 6 figures right away, but I guess they do not want me out in the streets either. 
Today, every once in a while, someone will ask me how is my job, and if I am still at the scrapbooking store (which is going out of business next month as of last Thursday).  I kindly tell them what I am doing in my life, and they look at me as though I just committed a crime.  That was the look I got from a cousin back in November.   I thought she knew, since the total amount of time I have been at this stage of my life is 12 years (with 4 of those years owning a business AND working at the scrapbooking store).  That is what I do not enjoy. I do not mind telling people what I do, it is just I do not like it when people have this sour look on their face, and all of a sudden, the advice starts coming.  “You know, I heard that X is hiring.” Or “what are you doing for insurance?”  How about this one, “You can always file for X until you get back on your feet.”  What feet?  I am not homeless and I am struggling just like you are, but I am not in that way.  I do explain that this is normal for any new business, and I have two more years.   I know when it is time to change paths to do what everyone else is doing, which is to go back to working for someone.  In the meantime, I am enjoying being a business owner, which is not an easy life, but then again, neither is working for someone else. It is rewarding, and you never know when you have touched someone’s life to do what you do, or to get them motivated to live out their dream.  Now that is what I do enjoy, the satisfaction of an end result.

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