Saturday, July 6, 2013

Take a little time for Family

There is something familiar about this post.   I cannot explain.   I took a little time to familiarize myself with family.   Last weekend was my aunt on my father's side's birthday.   I will not tell you how old she is, for if she read this, she would kill me.   OK, that is hardly a joke to say anymore.  I say it for this reason, there are too many people who say this phrase and actually mean it.
Take for instance the Travon Martin case.   I have heard some of the testimony of this case, and I truly believe that this Zimmerman person feels that has done no wrong.  He really believes that he had the dutiable right to defend himself.   To me, if you call 911, no you do not have the right at that point to shoot and kill anyone, defense or not.  If the person you are pointing a gun at is fiddling around for something in his pocket like a knife, and he (or she) has not produced it, put the gun away, and walk away.   I am going to leave it at that.  It is my opinion...
Back to my family...
I had fun with my father's family.   I usually do.   We played old school music, new school music, laughed, talked, and ate.  My cousins had a nice spread for their mother, and I am glad she had fun too.
For the 4th, it was my mom's side of the family, and I loved seeing my little nephew discovering new relatives he has never seen before.   I may have even seen an improvement in his vocabulary (He's 2 years, 11 months).  traveling with my parents and brother is like old times when we were little, and too bad my oldest nephew, my sister in law, my sister and her two kids missed it all. 
Your family is the only thing that a person has other than God who has your back.  I do not understand why families fall out, don't speak to each other over stuff that happened years ago, and can't stand each other when you see them.  I bet 9 times out 10 that the original argument has been long forgotten, and now they just cannot stand each other.
I am glad and grateful for the family I have, and yes we do have our arguments.  We are not perfect people.  For my aunt's party, one of her daughters did not show up.  I do not know why, and I did not ask.  I love her just the same.  Same thing with some cousins who did not show either.   All of them usually show up for every function.   The same with the 4th of July.  I did not ask, although I know two of the reasons why my oldest nephew did not come, and why one cousin and his family did not come.   For the cousin, he now has a daughter who is 2 weeks old.  She is not ready for travel.  
So be blessed with your family.  hug them, and hold them tight.  I will with mine.

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