Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Phrase of the day: Defining who you are

This will come up somewhat controversial in a way, but here goes nothing….
Do not let things or people define who you are and what your self-worth is.    I am say this for a few reasons:
In light of the George Zimmerman trial a few days ago, there have been riots, people screaming “boycott Florida,” and a whole host of other things.  Yes, we have the right to be upset, but in the case of riots, do not become an issue on top of a bigger issue.   The issue is that George Zimmerman got off for killing a life that had so much potential, and Trayvon was not on trial, but the defense made him out to be.  Yes, it is time to do something about it.  Boycotting Florida, in my opinion, does not do the trick.  They will not suffer from it.  Florida is a huge tourist town, and people from all over the world come to Florida.  They will not miss your dollars.  Boycotting in this day and age is not like the 1950s and 60s, because it is in this case it is ONE verdict.   This is what I told my friend on Facebook when she disagree with my comment about still going to Disney in December.  Yes folks, I am still going.  I will have another post on why I was going in the first place.
Getting back to Facebook… I follow Steve Harvey, and he had posted applications for the Disney Dreamers group, and that it was time for except applications for kids who want in this program.  I read the comments, and I got upset over them.  Because Mr. Harvey had the program at Disney World, which is in Florida, instead of Disneyland, which is in California, many, many people said that they are not, repeat, NOT, sending their money nor their kids to be “profiled.”  One person even said their family will not be supporting it.  My question is since when do you speak for your family?  Don’t they have a voice? What ever happened with that?  Please support him, if you can.  I wish I had a kid to send, I seen past programs of his on You Tube, and it is a wonderful program from what I seen.  I know, some people will say, “Patricia, you just do not get it.”  I may not get it, and I did not grow up in a neighborhood where people had your back, and neighbors raised you.  This is a neighborhood where everyone is an “aunty_____” , “Uncle_____”, “Brother”, or “Sister”. I started out in base housing, and when I did get that, I was in a church family, and that is where I got my extra “aunties” and “uncles.” 
Getting back to defining who you are: 
Breaking News….I just found out that Jennifer Lopez had be performing for controversial people like Turkmenistan President, Moammar Khadafy, among others, as well as singers like Usher, BeyoncĂ©, and 50 cent sung to people like these as well. I guess they like American music but hate Americans.  I am so confused…. (information from BET News)
This is what I am talking about.  These singers are prime examples of people who are letting money define who they are, and what they hope to be in the future.  I am not saying do not boycott them, because I am not, I am saying do not use them as examples of what to do in life.   Use the examples of what God presents in your life.  Learn about what makes you tick, quirk, and happy. To translate, “Just do you.” Make a way in this world for you to own your truth, your self-worth, and give back to others.
So what are you worth?  A zillion, a billion, a million, a thousand, or 1 little cent?   NO, you should be saying your life is priceless, and you should treat it that way.  After all, you are uniquely you, beautifully made by God, and that is the truth. 
Yes, Trayvon’s life was priceless, and we must move on from there, and show that he life was priceless, but how can you when you are sitting in a jail cell from rioting, and the killer is walking around with a smirk on his face.   That is not giving Trayvon any justice at all, and not owning up to Dr. Martian Luther King’s legacy of non-violence.   Just let God handle it.    

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