Friday, April 12, 2013

Mommy Bloggers Unite (and I am glad I can join in the fun)

I love mom blogs.  I especially love the ones that give advice to everyone.  Oh do not get me wrong, this is not a rant post like the last one.  I do apologize for my wording on that post.  More on that apology on another day.
Really, you can learn a lot from mom blogs, especially if you are a woman.  I get great recipes, organizational tips, financial advice, and how to decorate your house, while having a baby on your hip and one in school.  One of the best advises I have gotten from mommy bloggers is how to take care of yourself.   The reason why I am saying this, is because as a single person with no one living with me, I tend to forget about time, because I do not have that 2-year old that needs to be changed, a husband who needs me to do something with him, or that I need to attend a parent-teacher conference while in the middle of a product review deadline.   Other than reminders that I am hungry or that I have to go to bed to prepare for the next day, my time management is shot.  No folks, I don’t have a pet to keep me warm and fuzzy inside. 
I do belong to many mom groups, because they have accepted the fact that I do not have a child living with me 27/7/365 days out of the year.  I have what they want, and I read intently and respond as best that I can.  That does not mean I do not want to be one.  At 48, that is still a goal I want to achieve before I die.  No really, I have a thinking “bucket list” in my head of things I want to accomplish before I die, and being a mother is one of them.   I have several posts on this blog on why I still want to and what was the cause of being childless in the first place, so I will not rehash it on this post.  What I do have is a niece who I love to do girly things with (since I want a girl), and three nephews in various ages that I can practice on.  Being an aunt is both a joy and a curse for me, because they do go home at the end of the day, and it is just me.
On my Simply Organized Crafts blog, I do offer my wisdom on how to do many of the things that some of these mom blogs (not all are focused on the household) do offer their readers.  The difference is there aren't too many articles on family.  I am currently not dating either, which is a choice I did not make either.  I just do not go too many places that I have opportunity to meet a man, and I do not like dating sites.  Again, this is another personal goal of mine. 
While I do enjoy reading this type of blog, sometimes I do wish that there was an article or two that focuses on the woman herself, and not on trying to find time after the 4-year takes a nap, or how to find time for your mate.  The other day, I realized that these women write about what they know.  What they know is to be part of a family, the challenges of finding that time of being mommy, wifey (as my sister says), or a partner to another person, as well as being an individual.   So while I might have women who envy me because I am still single, and they would love to recapture that singlehood they lost when they were married or had a baby at age 18, let us all strive just to be happy within ourselves.   No one said that being single is a bed of roses, nor being married with children is happiness on a silver platter.  We all need to find balance, and in the meantime, I want to say thank you to those women who own these blogs or have online groups that allow single, childless women play on the same playground with married with children women.   As an aunt, I am getting the best advice of them all…. How to handle a brother/sister tag team who ask for everything in sight and an older brother/much younger brother bonded in love.  Now, how do you handle a 2 ½ year old who is afraid of the automatic garage door opener

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