Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I felt like a mom, and it felt good.

I have often blog about being without a child.  Well yesterday, I felt like a mom, let me explain....

It was only a couple of hours, I know, I will get the nay-sayers, but unless you walk a mile in a mother's shoes, you do not know even a fraction of what they go through with children.   I will tell you, it will be worth  every red cent I will have shell out to adopt a child.   I will call this one, "two hours with the niece and nephew."  Now before I go into today's little problem, I do want to let you know that I have kept these two before, but on separate occasions and separate from each other.  Some during the day, some in the evening, and sometimes overnight.   I have kept them as babies, so you cannot tell me that I have not kept them before.   What makes yesterday so special from the other times that I have kept them?   I am sure you have seen siblings fight before.  This one is for the ages for me.
So my sister wanted me to take her to get her temps, and she laid out the plan.   This was an unexpected trip for me, because I expected to work on business things.   No problem.   So I go to pick them up.  My sister brings the car seats out, and following her were the little ones, Mr. "I had to cut my hair in the middle of the night so my mommy can give me a buzz cut", and Miss "I do not want my mommy to comb my hair so I can look like Don King's child."  The niece was pouting for that reason and sucking her thumb (She's 4).   Ok, the four of us start riding and get to the BMV.  My sister goes in, and that is when it starts.  the nephew says that he is 6, and since I know when his birthday is (May 25th), I told him that he has another month to go.   He blurts out, "I hate you", which he has never said to me before.  So I told him that hate is such a strong word for a little boy.  I knew that he meant, which was "I did not like what you said to me auntie." Then he turns into Mr. "I'm hungry", and starts crying, only to suck it up two minutes later.   Niece, on the other hand, likes to pick at everything in the car, and then decides to pick on older brother.  Before I could say something to stop her from doing this, nephew tells his sister, "stop it, I hate you".  She says, "I do not like you either."  Now I know where this is going to , because as a child, I said it to my siblings, and I even threaten them before.  I have gotten in trouble more than once, because I was the oldest, and the oldest child  never gets away with murder.  
So here I am, the adult in this situation, and I issue out the "do not talk to each other or else" speech.  I threaten to have the child who speaks to the other one stand outside if they do not leave the other child alone.  besides that, they were supposed to be watching a video the whole time.   Just then, my sister calls and tells me to meet her in front of the building, so I drove over, and she hands me money for me to get some food.   Yay!   So I decide that I was going to Mickey D's (McDonald's nickname) and when we get there, I asked the two of them what do they want in a kid's meal.   Let's see.... niece still eats like a preschooler and she wanted the cheeseburger happy meal with no onions, nephew wanted the hamburger with everything on it (standard Mickey D's burger), both got High C orange drinks, and nephew wanted the standards teen's meal of extra chicken nuggets, which I did not order.  He got mad and issued the "I hate you" lingo.  He got over it.    I ate a fish sandwich (which is the only thing I eat there now (I have not gotten over the pink fluff in the hamburger report of 2011) ), and an iced mocha.   I drove back to the BMV to wait on my sister.
She emerged 20 minutes later, having failed the test, which she is going back on the bus to take today.
I can see myself being a mom everyday.  I want to be that nurturing person, who can get the job done, and my kids happy, fed, and for the most part, satisfied.   I also have been dealing with the oldest nephew by driving him around, and issuing the "you are not drive to such and such place with me sitting next to you, just because you have no temps" speech. (he's 17)  Believe me, I do not want to be put under the jail for any thing involving him and my car.
So, I do not envy mothers (and fathers) one bit.  In the meantime, if you have been keeping score, I have one more nephew I did not mention.   He is 2, cute as a button , and is still scared of the garage door opener.   Will he ever get over that?
Have a blessed day and comment below if you have sibling, driving, or garage door issues with your children and how to handle it.   It could be any issue.   Talk to you later.

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